Last night I saw the movie Collateral Beauty.

It’s message was clear…

Stay open to see the beauty in the most damaging and difficult experiences imaginable.
Be changed by loving and appreciating them for ALL they brought – the joy and the pain. 

And here we are. The last day of the 2016 and at the prompting of my friend and spiritual badass, Jill Prescott, I decided to declare and acknowledge the gifts of my year. Not just what I experienced but HOW I showed up and what I SAW and learned about myself in the process.

It’s a powerful list to write and have in my back pocket. It’s empowered me to know it, say it out loud and now, share it.

Everything that happens to us is a teacher and a guide. Everything. So don’t waste an opportunity to be changed and grown by your own experiences. To be shown your own brilliance, capacity and impact. Throw it a heroes parade. And don’t fear what you might see or learn because when you get closer… it’s ALL seeded in Love and the Ferocity of spirit it takes to live this life and to be here fully.

Don’t just rush to complete the test. Be a witness to what you learned. Soak it all in.

So, here is the “dare”…

Take 15 minutes and explore not just what happened but how you changed. Document it and honour the love lost, joys gained and understanding acquired at every turn. Honour and accept your year just as it was without shining light on the “best” parts. Because they are all BEST parts if you are willing to see it that way. Because they made you who you are today.

We are badasses, each and every one of us if we allow us to be seen by ourselves this way.

Give yourself the gift of seeing ALL of you. And to love you for all of it.

Below is my list and know that yours will look and feel different because it’s YOURS.

So honour you and it for however it shows up, with love and learning as your intention.

If you want someone to witness your declaration, share it below in the comments, email me or head over to Empathetic Badass  group if you need a safe space to be witnessed an honoured too.

Much love and good luck warrior x Keri-Anne

My “love” list <3 

Launched and FILLED two group programs at the same time, with ease!

Had meaningful and life altering conversations with my parents

navigated my Dads sudden death with surrender, receiving and total vulnerability

taught my children how to appreciate and even celebrate the death process

opened up to things that cannot be explained by our logical mind

let my clients, peers and mentors see me unravelled and my most vulnerable

learned that this was a gift for them as much as it was for me.

allowed myself to be changed by Life and Death – by the Joy and the Pain

stayed open to the pain and the beauty that Life and Death bring

let go of who I thought I was and what I thought I was suppose to do and TRUSTED

surrendered to the help of others quickly and gave thanks a LOT

witnessed my kids navigate physical trauma and grief with strength, integrity and vulnerability

committed to finishing my Book but from a much deeper, richer place

allowed myself to be held and nurtured by many

received like a muthafuckah (even when it was painful) and learned it’s strength

made new, deep and intimate connections with women who feel like angels in my life

trusted my feelings and acted on them consistently

listened to my heart and made non-logical decisions and learned what gifts of growth those brought

braved difficult conversations that connected me deeper to myself and others

rallied when the energy was there

rested when it wasn’t

forgave my mind when it judged and criticized HOW I was doing “it”

gave myself permission to be just as I was and forgave myself as I went

forgave others who didn’t see things the way I did

allowed for all the moving parts without making them wrong

launched The School of Daring to Suck and took 14 women through my curriculum

created something that helps and heals

supported, connected and served with an open, honest heart and showed up however I was even when it didn’t look or feel comfortable or “proper” to do so

learned what I do is needed in the world and that it’s time to step out more boldly knowing what I know and accepting what I don’t.

accepted the compliments and statements of impact and said thank you as I owned their truth.

lived from a place of humility and “weakness” only to learn it’s strength and power to break down walls and barriers for others.

played with my family and spent copious amounts of time in nature which soothed my soul and healed my broken heart

loved me more, not less and in turn loved others more as a result

watched myself meet  others wherever they were with compassion

watched myself struggle to meet others but then admit those struggles only to dissolve them and open my heart further for myself to love more deeply and dissolve all the layers of separation that get in the way

completed a 1000 pc puzzle with help. But I finished something I started and it was hard but so rewarding.

fought for love at every turn

I am proud of who I was, who I became and who I am becoming as a result of the above.

Thank you 2016. I am complete.