Hello, I’m Keri-Anne

Let me tell you about the whole mess before the wholeness

Because it got real messy there for a while… and my unconventional journey is what inspired The Daring to Suck Method, a 12-step guide to bless the mess and trust the process of healing and living your life unapologetically. 

Part 1: Daring to be me, unapologetically

My story really began at the age of eight when I sat my parents down, opened my mouth and threw a grenade into the centre of my family. Someone we loved and trusted had sexually abused me. 

What unfolded next would become the foundation of every pivotal moment in my life.

Even in their devastation they believed me. I was lucky. They heard me, saw me and even offered the chance for me to confront him in absolute safety and support. 

At eight years old, I dared to open my mouth again to tell a grown man whose literal job was to serve and protect how he had ruined everything. 

I spoke from my innocence and vulnerability and he crumbled in my presence. In that moment I discovered a power I’d never known. To be real, and true in myself was powerful. This power didn’t serve to hurt. It served to love and restore order from the chaos. It transmuted hurt into healing. 

Also true, I grew up in a loving home that involved alcoholism, guilt, obligation, codependency, narcissism, taking on roles that weren’t mine, and sacrificing my own needs for the comfort of others.

Instead of listening to my instincts (which weren’t that loud anyway), I chose the path of least resistance with “what SHOULD I do” guiding the way and ended up with what I thought I wanted – the good job, good money, good house, good car, good husband, good pregnancy…. You know, the cardboard cutout Life.

My life, relationships and work suddenly felt small and suffocating. With overwhelming suffering, I wondered how to change something I couldn’t even articulate? And where would I even start? I was so focused on the HOW without even naming the WHAT I was holding.

How could I even speak it? I’d made such a mess and didn’t know where to start, let alone ADMIT to myself what I sensed. So I waited. Hoping it would just change on it’s own.

My foundational lesson: There’s beauty in the mess.


Highlights include:

  • Leaving home at 18 to live in the UK with my narcissistic and emotionally abusive ex 
  • Returning home seven years later to rebuild a life from “empty shelves” 
  • Reclaiming my value, worth and establishing new agreements with myself to unexpectedly discover REAL LOVE “by accidentally” after losing my shit on a guy that dared to test my boundaries. 
  • Watching what I thought was the “life I was supposed to live” crumble before my eyes in a series of personal and professional shitstorms
  • Restoring and healing my Soul back to its “factory settings”  to leave the familiar and re-design every area of my life to reclaim my power and purpose on the planet;
  • Suffering the sudden and unexpected death of my beloved Father in 2016 to re-emerge forever changed on a cellular level in how I see and approach life and my work
  • Daring to follow my heart in selling our home and belongings to travel the world with my husband and boys (7 and 10) in 2019
  • Getting stuck behind closed borders in Marrakesh, Morocco during a global pandemic
  • Building a life abroad in chaos, maintaining my business and even rescuing a dog during the most unsettling time in history
  • Returning to Canada to figure out WTF is next while the world continues to flail

To read the rest of my Daring to Suck journey – which absolutely contributes to who I am, what I do today and WHY I do it, click below.

Bottom line? I’ve navigated a lot of LIFE, LOSS and LOVE.

And none of it is easy. 

It’s not meant to be.  

It’s is worth it though. 

And so are you.

Wherever your road takes you, whichever road you take,

May you find wholeness in the whole mess.

The Daring to Suck Method arose from every tear-down and rebuild along the way to create a confident foundation, with tools that create flow and freedom to be human as you heal and live your fullest life possible. They include the following parts and steps:

 Part I Foundation: Daring to be YOU, Unapologetically

1. Your Values Roadmap: The stepping stones that light your way.

2. Your Gifts & Impact: Name and claim your inherent treasure.

3. Your Passion & Power: Reignite what matters and come alive!

4. Your Purpose Unpacked: Align and anchor your value & vision

Part II Flow: Clearing Your Path & Designing a New Way

5. Draw The Line: Create agreements and boundaries that change the game.

6. Tune In & Trust Your Vibes: Connect to your inner guidance system.

7. Speak Up: Communicate your truth with clarity and confidence.

8. Feel to Heal: How to explore and express emotions supported & safe.


Part III Freedom: Walk Your Path, Your Way

9. Release and Receive – How to balance and flow to help you grow.

10. Shift Your Gift: A guide to get unstuck and see new doors that set you free.

11. Daring to Leap: Create a conscious strategy that serves and supports.

12. Live & Learn: How to keep leaning in and loving you as you go.

And, to always,

Bless the mess and trust the process.

If you find yourself in a mess, if your life is falling apart, if you need to blow it up yourself or had it blown out from under you, and you need to get back in touch with your unshakable self, check out the

My credentials:

My trauma-informed training and intuitive modalities help you restore harmony and regulate your healing nervous system so you can redesign your life, relationships, and future from a foundation of wholeness.

Methods and Training I draw from include:

  • Certified in Co-Active™ Professional Coaching 
  • Somatic Experiencing™  to explore and embody the underlying physical sensations to increase mind-body balance. 
  • Compassionate Inquiry™ to reveal the unconscious dynamics that run your life so you can free yourself from them.
  • Internal Family Systems™ (IFS) to safely explore wounded parts that create blocks in your life, so you can restore clarity and find emotional balance. 
  • Crystalline Consciousness Techniques (CCT), an energy healing therapy that relieves your electromagnetic field to release your trauma response so you can create consciously connected change in your life…

See yourself in my story?

If you are still reading, you probably do. If you are ready to explore getting unstuck, let’s chat. Click below to set up a complimentary 50 minute connection call and get you back on track!

A little more about me…

  • I am ALL about the wisdom of the woods, animal medicine, the elements and cycles of the moon. Nature informs my Soul with every ebb, flow, light and dark along the way. Mother Earth embodies radical acceptance at its finest and reminds us how precious life is at every stage is and that ultimately, everything is temporary. Basically, nature doesn’t fuck around – and neither do I.
  • I make up words like shonky or bah-jiggity with permission to be fearlessly silly at all times – I’m all about embracing “the weird”.
  • I have webbed toes which does NOT make me a better swimmer.
  • I once met Liam and Noel Gallagher from Oasis in the 90s while living in Manchester, UK, when their LIMO pulled up beside me and they drunkenly hung out the window and yelled “GET YER T*TS OUT!”. #charmers
  • I know how to Riverdance (trained as a child and returned to compete in my twenties).