About Me & This Daring Process

Hi, I’m Keri-Anne.

IMG_0361Who am I and how did I get here?

It was as if I’d fallen asleep behind the wheel of my own life and survived an epic 5 year CRASH that contained multiple “impacts” along the way.

Some of those dramatic, beautiful, painful and life-changing impacts included…

A new marriage, my first pregnancy, a devastating miscarraige, my emotional/spiritual/physical recovery, a global economic meltdown, my job gone, our family’s income gone, happily pregnant again, deep financial struggles, new motherhood, a significant family death, finally landing my dream job *taking a much needed breath*… balancing working motherhood and then round 2 … economic meltdown, job loss and pregnancy #3 on the way… and carrying 40 extra lbs picked up along the way.

Even on the other side of all the change, my life ticked a lot of boxes – I was blessed with a home, a supportive husband, two healthy sons, an established career in corporate marketing, the potential to make good money again…


I was going through the motions and felt disconnected to it all. I was so grateful and happy with what I had, but felt a longing and heaviness about what was missing. I was tired of feeling guilty or wrong wanting more for myself and my life. Something told me to get off my ass and figure it out once and for all. So I did.

I felt as though I had two choices – dare myself to break new ground and explore the unchartered path of my destiny (which made me cry out of fear and excitement) or settle and keep trying to make the path I’d been walking on, work somehow (which made me cry out of exhaustion, sadness and frustration).

Either way I was crying! LOL  But one set of tears held more potential and possibilities.




And in seeing this, I noticed a new layer of awareness,willingness, spiritual strength and wisdom that knew why it all happened the way it did. I knew I never would have changed my life willingly without each shocking impact along the way.  I needed life to shake me up and show me who I was, what I was capable of surviving to help me let go of old, emotional baggage that only served to hold me down and keep me heavy. I became strategic partners with my emotions and learned how they worked. I discovered how they showed up in service of me and weren’t there to just make a mess. They became my secret weapon and gateway to freedom.

I have always been a seeker and began to tune in and pay attention on a deeper more spiritual and emotional level. I let my life and feelings inform me instead of trying to fight my reality. I chose to let go of worry (even though I thought this was actually useful) and surrendered to feeling lost, uncertain and decided to stay open to trust that if I had made it through the chaos that preceded this moment, I was in good hand. That if the Universe was in fact FOR me, I would allow it to show me.

Once I did this (and may I say that surrender is one of the MESSIEST practices out there) things, people and hints began to show up. They were like “breadcrumbs” that caught my attention. I chose to pick them up and by actively daring myself to saying YES when I felt nervously excited about something, over a relatively short period of time, I transformed my disconnected, robot-armed life in every way. I wasn’t afraid of failing anymore because I just wanted to experience my life, however it unfolded. I let go of needing a specific outcome and my life came ALIVE.

And Daring to Suck was born.

By daring to TUNE IN and SPEAK UP for my feelings and desires (even in the face of adversity) I reconnected to my heart, put both hands back on the wheel and explored what living a more authentic life might be like.

Me and my life became ALIVE again.

Because I dared to follow my gut and not give a crap if I was good or bad at any of it – I designed a life where I can show up fully as myself and serve others to do the same in their life.




BmnC6SQIQAExlT7I am an Empathetic Badass (or deep feeler) and have been called an Emotions Whisperer. I serve unexpressed and misunderstood emotions. s

My Enthusiasm and Joy For Living is infectious. I was born to connect deeply and start revolutions inside people and have FUN while doing it.

I naturally create Loving, Safe and Compassionate Space where you can be reckless with your words, let loose and feel what it’s like to finally unload your bags. Where you get to say things out loud for the first time and not be judged or “fixed”. Blurting and radical truth telling are a MUST in this process.

I’m an Intuitive Articulator, meaning I quickly sense what’ s trying to be said in-between the words you speak and I don’t waste time telling you what I pick up. Imagine the family feud buzzer with my hand at the ready, eager to liberate your truth. This is my favourite thing to do and think I’d make an awesome game show contestant!

If Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant and Amy Schumer had a baby… you’d get ME.  I’m a creative force and strategist that gets to the point with fierce love and nurturing energy, served with a side of uncensored humour which makes things …interesting. Seriously, the metaphors that have come out of my mouth. Sometimes shocking… but always effective!

I am a Professional Perspective Shifter. I see the GEMS and polish them. I hear what you see and show you the unexpected gifts in your life shit storms and show you the superpowers that I can see in you, but you can’t because you are just too damn close. But once I do, you laugh because you know it’s true and don’t have the energy to go back to how you are use to seeing it. When I help you see things differently, you go from stuck to daring to suck.




  • I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurial Management and am a creative force of nature when it comes to birthing new ideas into the world.
  • I met my Australian hubby “serendipitously” on the internet in 2000 when I made a mistake on my pen pal profile. (yes, I said pen pal… and no I wasn’t seven when I did this).
  • I learned (while giving birth to my first son) that when I’m in excruciating pain, I laugh or sing operatically. LOUD.
  • My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on each foot. And yes, I’m a pretty good swimmer.
  • I lived and worked abroad in Manchester, England and Washington, DC but the rugged beauty and wildness of British Columbia’s coastline will always be my home.
  • Flash mobs make me cry… or bawl. Basically anything with a sentimental soundtrack and I’m cracked open.
  • I competitively “Riverdanced” (Irish Step Dancing) in my twenties but stopped after having kids…comeback for 2016???


My purpose is to start a Daring Revolution of connection, authentic expression and emotional empowerment in myself and others.  Where our life and work is a brilliant reflection of our values, passion and unique gifts destined to be shared with the world.

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