Just because you handle it all doesn’t mean you should.

You want more strength, energy, time, and balance to build something better. But when do you restore and receive? You work hard on yourself to show up for others… But who shows up for you?


You don’t have to go it alone anymore.


The moment for change it now and the power lies within you,

especially with the right support.

Together, we’ll take the journey to:

Trust Your Self: Gain the clarity, confidence and courage to act on your needs and desires.

Design Life on Your Terms: No more settling for what no longer aligns, and lead from a more integrated connection between your mind, body, heart, and soul;


Experience the healing and transformation of deep somatic work, with practices and tangible tools to move through any chaos that comes – cuz it will.


It’s time to embrace your true power and rewrite your story, let’s talk.

I’m Keri-Anne, a somatic coach that specializes in internal family systems, CPTSD, and trauma healing.
I am here to help unravel the tangled stories, beliefs, expectations and perspectives to find wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of restoring your presence, power and purpose in the world.

Learn more about how working with me restores your power and reclaims your peace.

The thing is – you could keep going this way ALL DAY LONG – you could be absolutely depleted AF but NONE of the people in your life would suffer or get less. Just you.

You are self-aware, intuitive, mindful, generous, spiritual (sometimes downright witchy) and, also effing tired. Tired of feeling like the Only One, so much of the time, when you…

Hold it all together for everyone.
Are pulled in so many directions.
Don’t get the same support you give.
Often feel alone and overwhelmed in what you are going through.
Want a place and person to express your feelings without upsetting anyone.
Never seem to have time or space to just BE.
Play peacekeeper and see all sides to help connect the dots.
Put others’ needs and comfort above your own.
Feel like a problem or inconvenience by simply wanting the truth to be told.
Are the one doing the work to break family cycles and end toxic patterns.


No wonder you’re tired.

Unlock & Unblock Your Inner Wisdom.

A Guided Meditation for Clarity, Connection and Confidence.

It’s time to get out of your head and integrate the connection between your mind, body and soul. Unlock and unblock your inner wisdom and develop a deep sense of connection within yourself.

I know there are times you wonder “How did you get here? How did things get so out of alignment? Quick to assume it’s all your fault – but being born open and empathetic isn’t a crime. Your depth of empathy (which IS a gift!) also attracts tricky, toxic relationships, and emotional abuse, often diluting your worth and value in the process.

When your open-hearted soul collides with trauma and the overculture’s expectation that women give, give, give… it’s no wonder you exhaust yourself being The One to handle just about everything.

But remember, just because you can handle everything doesn’t mean you should. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

As your coach, my job is to provide the safest and most sovereign support to SEE and CELEBRATE all you are. To have you feel held and given permission to rest in the source of your own strength, wisdom and guidance that is longing to make itself more clear and conscious in you.

I am with you, ever step of the way.