Your life is speaking to you and it’s not screwing around.

The years of carrying emotional baggage and protective armour preventing you from growing into your gifts and expressing your truth, have got to go.

You hold power, potential and purpose with unique ideas that want to become movements, manuscripts and masterpieces the world desperately needs.

There are adventures to be had and connections to be made.

You don’t have time to wait around hoping things will change, worrying about what others think or wondering what might happen if you dare to act on your knowing.

It’s time to say YES to your instincts and trust your heart.

And I am here to help you take up the seat you’ve been given, fully.

Your value and worthiness aren’t up for discussion.

You aren’t a problem to figure out. You’re art to be expressed and experienced as the medicine and movement you are.

You are worthy and valuable because you exist. Period.

It’s your birthright to live, love, lead, create and connect with others because you are here.

YOU GET TO be your full Self once and for all;

YOU GET TO take full responsibility for your experience here;

YOU GET TO explore, express and expand beyond what you’ve lived up until now;

YOU GET TO find your way to lead, love and live more daringly; and

YOU GET TO let go of what no longer serves you in order to receive what’s coming!

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