Celebrating Transformation - The Butterfly.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a Butterfly.

In looking back on my life and all the big changes I’ve been through from getting through huge losses and overcoming challenges – the story of the Butterfly really clicks with me in describing the process of transformation and all that can come from working through our “stuff”. This isn’t the funniest post, but it serves as a reminder to me (and I hope you too) that our very struggle is necessary for us to experience, so we can witness how strong we are and see what we are REALLY made of. So take from it what you want and leave the rest behind my lovelies…

The Butterfly and Her Epic Journey of Transformation

When a caterpillar begins her transformation, she builds a strong cocoon for herself, where, once inside and alone, she literally dissolves. She turns into a goo of these rich ‘imaginal’ cells that literally allow her (even when she was a caterpillar) to imagine and picture life as a soaring, free, floating butterfly. These cells were inside her all along but only now in this dark, restricted place do they get activated. Inside the cocoon, she begins rebuilding  herself from scratch, to create new organs, her body, legs and expansive colourful wings.

But her transformation isn’t complete here. Next, she embarks on a brutal struggle to gnaw, push and stretch her way out of her old identity to take her first breaths, spread her wings and finally, take flight. The truly amazing thing is, if anything attempts to intrude her process by trying to cut  her free too soon – she will not survive. Because it’s in her struggle where she strengthens her wings so that she can fly.


In love and appreciation for all of our struggles,