As promised, here is the lowdown on what happened in yesterdays audition. It was fun, eye-opening (literally) and call backs are next week so I will hear sooner than later if I was selected. That wasn’t really the point though. Daring to Suck is about welcoming adventure, risks and pursuing things that hook your passions. For me, I have always been drawn to acting but never followed through on it and regretted it.

Stepping into challenges  like this allow me to try again and not live in a “it’s too late / I’m too big / I’m to old” state of mind – because that stuff just isn’t true.

In this video I also want to share some unexpected examples of being present.

And in doing so I must warn you – there is air guitar and a possibly offensive impression of spiritual gurus I admire. Yikes.

Sometimes when I get going I kind of black out and when I watch it again I laugh AND cringe. But mostly laugh forgetting I ever did it.


As for Day 6,  I spent the day running errands with the boys and connecting with some amazing local businesses in Steveston that are all a hustle with the upcoming holidays.

We baked, decorated cookies, and listened to every christmas album we could find on youtube. I made cardboard swords, ninja stars and shields for them  to run around and hurt each other, in between stirring several simmering pots on the stove. I also found a moment to write and post this.

I know it sounds busy and it is. And I’m experiencing it all. Aside from the minor flesh wound, tantrum over uncooperative lego and an unintended backflip off the couch – it’s been a good day and honestly can’t believe I’ve made it this far. LOL

I’m so glad I did this. Thanks for following and sharing your thoughts and feelings along the way.

Enjoy your weekend soaking in all that is around at this beautiful time of year!

Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Mom of two boys under five, a Wife and former Corporate Marketing Professional who transformed her “unconscious” life in every way by exploring one powerful concept – Daring to Suck. Today she serves the world as Certified Professional Coach, Speaker and Author-In-Progress daring men, women, professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash their authentic self and “come alive” in their life and work. Keri-Anne demonstrates when we listen to our heart, leap into the unknown and TRUST…. that amazing experiences and our full potential are waiting on the other side of resistance, hesitation and fear.