Welcome to my FIRST #FunnyFriday Video Blogs in this Daring to Suck Adventure!

I am starting #FunnyFriday to bring a sense of lightness  (and FUN) to the serious and heaviness that can be “life”, because it really IS too short to not laugh at ourselves and the ridiculous things that happen along the way! I also think in sharing our ridiculous moments it helps keep us laughing and gives us perspective when the bullish!t of life seems far to ‘real’.

Therefore with this post, I confess… I have an awkward past when it comes to crossing the border (as you will see) and they haven’t been my best moments, but they’ve been some of the funniest. Below is the ONE story that kicks off a few more that are embarrassingly similar (to follow in future Fridays to come).

Enjoy and share YOUR #FunnyFriday moments with me and others … be them at the border or wherever!

May we all embrace our #MainlyCandy moments to keep us giggling as we go!

Much love and Keep Laughing Wherever Possible!


PART 2 OF 3!

… and Part 3!