Today, I’m sharing a talk that I gave last week to my dear friend, nutrition coach and mentor Lisa Carpenter’s latest  graduating class of E.A.T, the nutrition course to end all courses that was (as I say) my ‘bacon’…. er, gateway into a whole body and life change. In short, I went from a woman detached to living life into a woman back in the driver’s seat calling the shots. Yee haw!

What I talk about is deeply connected to the work I do today and WHY I do what I do. I know NOW that I wasn’t alone in how I felt in that stuck place and facilitate the process for other people in similar places find THEIR way into the life they want to live – one that is more connected to who they are and self-full as oppose to this ‘selfish’ thing we are all trying to avoid.

It’s for all the reasons I am also excited to lauch my first in-person workshop,  The Lighthouse Effect where I  share some of the practical tools, exercises and discussions that got me from where I was to where I never dreamed I could be. It demonstrates how exploring our values, passion and life purpose are the fundamental steps we can take to begin living life from the inside out in stead of feeling like life, is living us.

What I explain in the video in more depth is how when we reconnect to our self at our core and give ourselves permission to begin again (today) we can show up in our life more fully our authentic selves – stronger and more confident  in everything we – without excuses, apologies or trying to make others more comfortable. No more putting on masks or acting how we think we should act, feel or behave anymore – we just get to be our self. And it’s freaking awesome.

This video is a little long (15 mins) but my resonate for anyone feeling  caught up in life, overwhelmed, lost and worried about sounding ungrateful or selfish for wanting more that what you already have – this details (as does the workshop) my beginning place and how I found my way and that your way will look different but the same steps apply. Enjoy and know you are not alone.

So here is me telling my Story, today.

With much love and encouragement as we all find OUR own way,

x Ker