Leading isn’t easy. 

Sometimes it can feel as if a target is on our back. Are we doing it right? Are we being true to ourselves and to the thing we want to happen?

Our innocent instinct can be to please others along the way – to give the people what they want and make sure those we invite in are being heard and listened to. We try to manage it all.

Big movements cannot be moved alone or in silence.

But if we stray from our own heart, ideas, and instincts, we can easily and unknowingly become lost and blown around by the winds of influence. 

We lose connection with our own voice believing others know better even for a split second and feel our integrity and self-worth eroded. 

It’s a slippery slope of shittery… that only complicates and confuses which is the last thing we want.

Maybe we tell ourselves that these things are worth throwing under the bus this ‘one time’. But they aren’t. Ever. Because how we hold these treasures in ourself are connected to those we serve and those we impact along the way. 

The energy is there and felt and as someone experiences the misalignment when it’s hard to articulate exactly what feels “off”, but it’s there.  

We don’t realize that we unknowingly take those who follow, down the path we’re creating along with us for the ride. They feel every misstep whether we are aware of it or not. 

So it’s even more important to keep our path CLEAR and well-tended to so we don’t trip up on our own crap (emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, unexpressed fears, etc) because others behind us will trip on it too. We think they won’t see it or feel it but they do. 

As a follower, It triggers our resistance to speak up for fear of hurting someone you know is trying to do good in the world.. and the ripple effect continues with others carrying baggage they didn’t ask for. 

But there’s ALWAYS a chance to clear the deck and begin again. I’ve been there many times and it’s much simpler than we think (the word think being used on purpose vs. what we FEEL). 

Our mind makes up every reason in the book as to why we can’t. We’ll lose too much, be ostracized from the pack, or lose credibility. We’ll hurt others or look bad if we dare stop the madness and be seen for the flawed human we are. 

But guess what? When we slow down, admit our shit, and feel the feelings that have built up and finally come clean… something miraculous happens. 

People see their humanity in us. Our act of radical bravery at the 11th hour cracks people open. 

The truth slices bullshit away and the blame, resentment,  anger or doubt people feel, can begin to melt away in an instant. 

As someone witnessing this miracle, when it’s true and real, our instinct is to rally behind these vulnerable badasses. 

We feel the courage it takes to own our mistakes or missteps. These ‘admitters of the shit’ become captivating in their realness and humility. 

We can’t look away.

We become loyal as hell. 

We move mountains for them when this level of leadership is shown.

We love their willingness to be real. 

Our heart knows the difference. 

It’s messier and revealing but so powerful in the truth being offered. And so worth it. It’s inspiring for fucks sake. 

This is the big dare. 

To be as human as possible and experience power alongside others instead of thinking we need to be separate or ‘god-like’ to carry something across the finish line.  

The call is to take 100% responsibility for ourselves, our perspective, our behavior, our limits, and our life.  Responsibility meaning our ‘ability to respond’.

Can we be humbled and changed in real-time as the facts change? Can we admit what we thought we knew but got our asses handed to us?

Slow down. Tune in. Admit what you feel to yourself and others to keep your insides and those around you connected, in integrity and real AF. It’s in the little admissions along the way that steer the steadiest ships for the smoothest sailing. 

In doing so, you will WIN the love and deepen the respect of yourself and others along the way. 

I saw this in a woman today and applaud her for the effort she made to right the ship. She’s since blocked me but I hope she knows that what she did mattered even if it doesn’t make up for the mess. The past truly doesn’t matter anymore. What happens moving forward does. 

Every human bit of it  

#blessthemess #trusttheprocess #clearyourPATH

About Keri-Anne

Keri-Anne is an empathetic badass, intuitive articulator, and a powerful perspective shifter who uses her experiences and passion for creative expression to birth new ideas in the world and help others get “unstuck”. Her desire is to help you see things differently, paving the way for you to go from stuck to daring to suck – empowered to choose and create a life, relationships, and work that honors all you are.

It’s time to say YES to your instincts and trust your heart.

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