As many of you know, I filled up OVERNIGHT after I offered 12 x FREE “Deep Dive”  calls on my Facebook Page to anyone wanting clarity around their “inner clutter”  or conflicting inner voices. I couldn’t be more grateful as my wish is to show more and more people that the perceived “baggage” we carry around (inner critic, judgement, anger, resentment etc) is really just trying to get our attention for us to see a much deeper more supportive message that is here to HELP move us forward – not hold us back. It’s an energy sucker to manage this stuff too. It’s heavy and I want us all to be free to live without it.

And then THIS video crosses my path. It ADORABLY articulates every single call I’ve had to date.

You’ve just GOT to see it. This is it, in four of the cutest minutes you could possibly experience and it has to be said, the way the woman handles it couldn’t be any better.

Here are the similarities I’ve seen that relate to this beautiful video of discovery, connection and freedom.

Step 1. Holy shit My emotions are like this really f*cking pissed off possum!

Step 2. Together, we create space and room for them to be just as they are… some show up irrational, angry and prickly to “be with”. But we maintain our distance and loving presence and give them room to …well… hiss. LOL.

Step 3. We assure them, they get to feel just as they do and that we are not going anywhere. We are right here and are not trying to change their mind or convince them to be any other way.

Step 4. By just doing that, we notice… there is a shift. They become less prickly. There is a softness and a way in to connect. They are more approachable, so we get closer to see what’s really going on…and then we see what they are REALLY trying to communicate in behind the sharp teach and scary mask.

Step 5. A new awareness and perspective. Bewilderment. Disbelief. Relief. Connection. Freedom. Movement. Joy.

Here are some common words that have escaped the mouths of those I’ve worked with so far :

“Oh my gosh… I had no idea…”

“I never even considered that this was what was behind “it” all this time….but now I get it. Wow.”

“I didn’t know… but it makes so much sense. This changes everything.”

They are surprised, relieved, and even in AWE of their own abilities to make this much needed connection with themselves.

What do they discover?

To name just a few, they find…

  • Wisdom that has been there the WHOLE time, just trying to get their attention.
  • Compassion and understanding of what’s behind the scary mask of anger, sadness and other “undesirable emotions”
  • Movement from a previously stuck and frustrating place.
  • Possibilities they didn’t realize were available with a newfound sense of Freedom to live life differently.

What I am noticing is how freaking invigorated I am by facilitating this connection. And I CANNOT wait to do more.

So… I’m opening up MORE SPOTS. If any of the above appeals to you, click here to book in your FREE 30 mins with me and together, let’s discover what YOUR pissed off possum wants to tell you.

So crazy, but so true.

With love and excitement for this self love revolution!