Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.09.07 PMI think we all have at least ONE time where we tried something new and epically failed. We failed so bad it is now a hilarious story. Well, here’s mine.

It’s about about a day I dared to take a stand and attempt two courageous things and failed beautifully on both counts. It was messy. It was scary. It was funny. And, bottom line… it all worked out in the end.

And it always does.

Today is the day to reflect from these epic fails and instead of judging ourselves by saying “what was I thinking?” ask “what was I learning?” and how can I apply this learning moving forward.

As Maya Angelou says “When we know better, we DO better.”

Up until that point we really are just doing our best and my hope is that we stop the judgment and love ourselves knowing this.

So, What is one of YOUR epic and #FunnyFAILS that you get to laugh about now?

Bad perm? Stuck your foot in your mouth… or worse? Hilarity loves company so let’s get sharing! Comment below or tweet me @DaringToSuck and let’s have a good laugh!


Happy Friday and Much Love!