Well, it’s safe to say, that today… Day 21 of the ‪#‎100DaySelfConnection‬  SHIT GETS DEEP! LOL!

I knew doing this was a good thing but the depth of the learning just got turbo charged.

I’m learning as I bring this practice into my life, I am actually allowing myself to be fully accepted, received and experienced – BY ME – No matter how I show up or what arises. Imagine not making you feel wrong, unworthy or undesirable… ever again.

Ya, THAT’S what’s here in Day 21. 

Do you realize how important this is for all of us to experience? Because as I’ve mentioned before, the ripple effect is REAL people and when we put out a wave that is rooted in a practice of self love, appreciation and consideration – imagine how THAT impacts our external world.


Seriously, at this rate I won’t be surprised to discover I can in fact levitate by day 100. And I say, Bring IT!

Wishing you beautiful connections inside and out. Thank you for following and watching – see you next week!

x Keri-Anne