OK, I’m pretty excited.

This is a KICK-OFF to what I’m hoping is the first of many more video blogs covering topics that come up around life, coaching, parenting, balance, purpose, passion, health, relationships and Daring to Suck at whatever’s in us that’s dying to be done!

Because this is my first it is a little long – shooting for 3 -5 mins max in future.

I also want to have F-U-N with this, so be prepared for stories and uncensored experiences that hopefully bring some levity to this roller coaster ride we call transformation.

If you have any ideas or requests, comment below or email me about what you’d like me to hear about to info@keriannelivingstone.com.

With regards to the Broken Glass Story – what do YOU take away from it that helps or guides you in some way? I still always come back to the three words that cover it all for me and probably most of us, which is “BLESS THE MESS and TRUST THE PROCESS.”

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Keri-Anne x