Fear is EXCITEMENT without breath.Today I put another notch in my Daring to Suck belt.

I was asked to audition for a deodorant commercial. LOL. Yes, random and fun as I’m always thrilled to actually practice my own mantra in real life.

And also.. why the HELL not.

*Video to follow tomorrow describing presence in action.*

I do however, have this quick #FunnyFriday video about the awkward call I made to a local radio station on my way home -enjoy!

The audition application came by the way of a delightful email from a friend who saw the post, thought of me and passed it along.

The casting agent was looking for Moms who run their own business or have “unexpected” professions. LOL. I guess thats me – so I threw my hat in the ring (a few pics and my bio) and they called me yesterday to see if I could auction TODAY… oh and make a 2 min video of my home, office and kids whilst juggling the mini-men through the dinner, bath & bedtime chaos. Sure, no problem (Read Day 4’s post about grace and recovery here.)

Walking into the audition, I became acutely aware that I was consciously stepping into the lions den of image, appearance and critique. A real “high school” vibe of wanting to be picked was in the air. Yes, I did get a little hooked, however the recovery was enlightening. What I learned is that by being present, I was able to notice the vulnerability, feel the flush of exposure and turning fear (or what I use to perceive as fear) into excitement. I break it down more in the video to come!

So in these flushed moments, what’s the BEST question(s) we can slow down and ask ourself as we go?

“Why am I doing this? What do I want to get out of this or experience?”

This allows us to connect to our why, get grounded, OWN our experience and be honest about how attached we are to the possible outcomes. (old post about this powerful concept here)

When we check in and get clear about our why we can discover how the action or our participation is in fact, serving or supporting us.

If it feels good and grounded – I say – great, keep going.

If it feels like obligation, pleasing others or something else outside of your own hearts wish or desire – this doesn’t make it wrong. Just KNOW why you are doing it. Be clear and take responsibility for being there and doing it.

Even just recognizing why means we get to be less surprised when we feel exhausted or a little shitty afterwards. LOL.

When we take more responsibility for our choices and decisions we don’t have to feel screwed over or  victimized by others (when really its our own choice to not speak up and ask for a compromise or negotiation).

This is about owning your stuff – your choices, your participation in every situation. You might make a different choice next time.

And just so you know – I don’t think that by speaking up means you get what you want or your way. It just means you are willing to stand up for the part of you that has a voice, opinion or idea about how it wants things to go. It’s about knowing you tried and although it didn’t go your way, you did speak up and that’s always worth celebrating.

We have the opportunity to learn regardless and option to apply the learning to try something different next time knowing just a little bit more.

Much like being present is a practice, so is putting ourself in situations that grow us in a fun and safe ways.

When I do this, I get to see how attached (or not) I am to the outcome and hopefully celebrate a little bit more freedom – which is always cool. If I know I’m attached at least it will support me later when I feel disappointed. No surprises and knowledge for me about me. That’s all. I think doing this  builds a stronger relationship with our self along the way as we grow and change too (as we are all growing and changing every day).

When we practice flexing muscles like courage, confidence and conviction about who we are in THIS moment it’s incredibly powerful. Who knows when that message and ripple will find its way back to us. But I know it does. I’ve seen it happen and experienced it too many times not to believe now.

Kind of like knowing a really cool present is on it’s way and trusting it will show up when the timing will be exactly when we need it to be. If it hasn’t shown up, then it’s just confirmation that it isn’t the right time. It may sound ‘convenient’ to take this view (love to my cynics) but I trust it now and being less attached to when and how things unfold is the best part.

Now that’s freedom.

So, I dare you to give it a shot and see what shakes out.


And now, to make it real for YOU…

What is something you might be nervously excited to act on?

From sending an email, making the phone call or speaking a wish out loud to someone…

What are you willing to try and put into action while letting go to the how and when?

Daring indeed. And I’d love to hear what you get up to in the comments below. 

Content goes hereKeri-Anne Livingstone is a Mom of two boys under five, a Wife and former Corporate Marketing Professional who transformed her “unconscious” life in every way by exploring one powerful concept – Daring to Suck. Today she serves the world as Certified Professional Coach, Speaker and Author-In-Progress daring men, women, professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash their authentic self and “come alive” in their life and work. Keri-Anne demonstrates when we listen to our heart, leap into the unknown and TRUST…. that amazing experiences and our full potential are waiting on the other side of resistance, hesitation and fear. www.DaringtoSuck.ca