Permission to BE. To Release, Recieve, Restore.

Are you ready to create soul-level changes in your life?

Join us In Marrakech, Morocco from Oct 25 – Nov 1, 2023


$2750 CAD on or before May 1, 2023

(the price increases to $3250 CAD after May 1st, 2023)

Secure your spot for just $750 today

with customized payment plans available.

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Only 10 spots – this is a small group, and retreats sell out fast.

Why Do Retreats Work?

Retreats work because … you don’t have to DO anything.

No cleaning up, emails, grocery shopping, or making sure everyone is where they need to be on time.

Simply removing yourself from your daily routine to surround yourself in nature, embraced by the elements and supported by circle of humans is transformative on it’s own, let alone the actual exploration and expression you’ll lean into.

Over 7 days you get to focus on YOU and your healing journey.
With ZERO distractions or demands on your time, energy or body.


        • You are only responsible for YOU
        • No roles, no hustle, no demands or expectations
        • All meals, organizing, and scheduling are taken care of for you
        • No distractions, no noise, just a peaceful environment
        • You get to just BE, without judgment
        • You get to be received, appreciated, seen, heard, respected, and loved just as you are; and
        • Your eyes and heart will open to new perspectives, allow authentic shifts to occur, and create space for healing and joy to show up.

“Radical acceptance brings into focus, what’s asking to be acknowledged, seen, felt, and heard, maybe even for the first time. It’s a unique and life-altering retreat. I’m no longer the same me that I was before this weekend. Or rather, I’m me, enhance. Me 2.0. It “up-levelled” me. To a true me… especially in how I experience myself and the experience that others have of me. Courageous and committed me. Keri-Anne Livingstone is amazing at what she does, her art, her craft.”

~Dr. Angela Smith, Body Relationship Coach

This is for you if…

  • Something needs to change, you’re at a crossroads and you want clarity around how to move forward.

  • You want to live your life, not just exist, or respond to the latest fire.

  • You don’t know where to start to free yourself from the tangled knots that have accumulated to create something new.

    • You’re asking the big questions like “Who am I now [after the latest upheaval]?”

    • You want to know who you are at the deepest level possible, so you can live, love, and lead unapologetically.

    • You know you don’t have all the answers (humility and humor are important components of this retreat).

Just so you know, if you attend, you’ll walk away…

  • Knowing your value and worth in your bones
  • Trusting yourself to know and choose what you need and want without guilt, explanation or apology
  • Embodying strong, healthy boundaries you assert, and maintain, with sovereignty and respect
  • Having the courage to speak up without the obligation to please anyone
  • Feeling conscious connection to your intuition, internal “captain and crew” and your new support system of sisters walking this path alongside you
  • Nursing sore stomach muscles from deep, healing belly laughs that are guaranteed to go down

Basically, if you’re ready to be the most BadAss version of yourself — this is it.

In these 7 days, we are laying a new foundation for you to:

  • Understand the mess you’re navigating more fully
  • Release unexpressed emotions around all you’ve been carrying or trying to hold together, so we can clear the clutter
  • Identify and articulate your values and priorities NOW (and reclaim your VALUE in the process)
  • Reconnect to your inner child and parts of you that want more say, so you can align every part of you into an unstoppable united front; and
  • Design clear boundaries about what you want and what you’re not willing to tolerate

The epiphanies, new understandings, and strength you’ll find are truly life-altering(in that they are the tools you need to alter your life to fit you perfectly).

I can’t tell you exactly what to expect in this retreat since so much is customized to you and the other participants.

But here’s what you will definitely experience:

    • Conversations that go deeper than any you’ve had before.
    • Feeling completely seen (and vulnerable) and accepted. 
    • Learning how to accept differences in opinions and beliefs with a deeper understanding of how to navigate your triggers with grace.
    • Safe space for real, raw expression with clear boundaries we design together beforehand.
    • The opportunity to acknowledge and heal the wounded parts you’ve buried so deep, it’s hard to dig them out on your own.
    • An embodied experience of true Sisterhood. One of the greatest gifts of this journey is that you don’t do it alone. Lifelong friendships have been formed from these retreats.

And, as you find more clarity about what is working, what isn’t, what you want to change, and what the self you want to step into looks like…

We’ll create a Vision of you.

This vision board will be your touchstone as you re-enter your life, giving you a compass to make decisions that shape the year to come.

Hi, I’m Keri-Anne Livingstone,

and if we haven’t met yet, I work with women to heal and love themselves on the deepest level, using trauma-informed somatic support, IFS and intuitive guidance.

I am a comedic speaker, emotional empowerment coach and Intuitive Healer who facilitates the exploration, expression, and expansion of Souls who came here to SERVE!

I teach empaths, helpers and healers how to clear their inner path to walk their outer path with a reclaimed sense of wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of exploring and expressing their truth in absolute safety. 

It’s my greatest joy to free women in the understanding, release and full expression of their emotions to find wholeness in the whole mess so they can live, love and lead more daringly and get their gifts into the world with ease, confidence, and conviction.

Bless the mess and trust the process — this is how wholeness happens.

The Details

  •  This is an intimate group of just 10 women.
  • TWO private 60-minute Intuitive Coaching (valued at $1000) one pre and post retreat.
  • TWO 30 minute check-in sessions with Keri-Anne to receive support through the week.
  • 7 nights in an ancient riad located in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco.
  • An afternoon and evening in the desert under a full moon;
  • All meals and snacks with dietary preferences honoured wherever possible;
  • Daily deep dive sessions, intuitive coaching, healing practices and ceremonies that connect you to your whole, multifaceted self to accept, align and come back home to;
  • Dynamic self discovery work to embody what you’re learning with trauma-informed guidance and direct access to Keri-Anne’s support throughout the weekend. 
  • Time to experience the ancient culture of Moroccan each afternoon to shop in the souks, taste the food and visit local Hammam Spas (tours, food and spa fees not included)
  • Airport pick ups, transportation and excursions to the markets and desert experience;
  • One group call BEFORE and three months of group support AFTER the retreat to connect and deepen your progress and continued healing after you return home;
  • A private support thread with your new “crew” to share progress and cheer each other on;
  • Free time every day to recharge your energy and integrate your ah-ha’s from sessions in the many private spaces in and outside the house. You need quiet time? You’ll get it;
  • Topics explored include (but not limited to) releasing trauma and healing wounds of the past, reclaiming worthiness, self-acceptance, boundaries, self-expression, healing limiting beliefs, forgiveness, receiving, self-love, and manifesting the life of your dreams!
  • There’s also rooftop terraces for nighttime stargazing at the end of the day.

I walked out of the retreat with a radical understanding of myself, my emotions, and my POWER. I learned I can be vulnerable. I learned I am worthy of being loved back.

I walked out with an understanding of what safety feels like, with 11 women who feel closer to family than friends. To say that this retreat changed my life seems trite and too small; this retreat changed ME, at a cellular level.”

~Ellen, Body Love Advocate + Social Justice Activist

What’s on the other side of Radical self-expression?


Wednesday: Arrival & Opening Circle

Depending on aiport arrivals, the day will be about getting settled and opening the circle in the early evening to get grounded, revisit intentions for yourself and each other and create the container in-person for safe exploration, sacred expression and supported expansion!

Thursday: Anchor Your Value & audit core beliefs

Gain clarity and connection as you explore and express what makes you, YOU! Together we’ll explore core values and beliefs that make or break you being the truest version of you possible, while you learn to appreciate and anchor into the gold you already are (without changing a thing).

Friday: Acknowledge & align your inner team and resources

Identify and align your most powerful parts right alongside the disempowered “crew” members craving  more compassion and understanding for you to love your whole Self in an entirely new way.


Today, is all about uninhibited expression, embodiment and sacred release of ALL that no longer serves you as we venture into the vastness of the Moroccan desert around a fire under the full moon!

sunday: you vision & amplify your purpose

Today, we CREATE and CELEBRATE! Design and declare a vision for yourself and the year ahead that amplifies your highest truth and Soul purpose in all areas of your life. Art supplies will be on hand with hands-on support to ensure your board is full of images, quotes & colours that honour your most authentic self!

Monday: support strategy & Power plan

With great expansion comes natural contraction and today is all about creating a conscious strategy and supportive plan to sustain the healing and transformation you’ve instigated. This is a day to anticipate what you will need in the days, months and years ahead and how to communicate your needs with those around you to ensure harmony in your continued growth and learning.

Tuesday: the Closing Circle (that fills your cells!)

A peak experience for most retreaters is the powerful closing circle that honours yourself, what you learned, and celebrates who you are leaving this experience as (and with) in unbelievable support of those around you. Imagine a love-fest of laughter and tears like a booster shot for the soul, knowing you are no longer alone and never will be again. For real.

wednesday: departure day

We will spend the morning preparing to leave, and close the container to say our farewells (for now). The priority will be to ensure everyone has what they need to leave and tie up any loose ends before you head to the airport (or continue to see more of Morocco if you wish to stay and explore)!


Prepare to be forever changed as a result of these wild and wonderful seven days!

Book a call with Keri-Anne NOW!

“Something inside of me said I could completely trust in the process. Through tears, laughter, anger, and SO many more emotions, this experience opened me up to a new sense of myself that has a lot less fear and moves through life OUT LOUD and ON PURPOSE. And that is something I don’t think I can ever thank Keri-Anne enough for ~ my life has well and truly been changed.”

~Michelle MC, Helper & Healer