EPISODE 9: Exploring Boundaries When You are Born Open with Lucienne Kleisen

Questions & topics explored:

  • Being The Inconvenient Truth: How societal pressures can make boundary-setting feel unnatural and challenging.
  • Tears and Vulnerability: Learn why deep feelers often struggle with expressing themselves in front of others.
  • Empath Math: Understand the allure of empathetic individuals and their tendency to see the potential for goodness in everyone.
  • Self-Forgiveness: Explore the healing journey of forgiving oneself for inherent gifts and reframing them as strengths.
  • Discernment and Values: Gain insights into making choices aligned with personal values and the importance of self-reflection.
  • Avoiding Avoidance: Uncover strategies to address boundary violations and avoid avoidance tactics.

TW: ED, Stalking

In this insightful conversation recorded back in 2017, Keri-Anne and Lucienne Kleisen, a passionate advocate for anti-diet culture and body positivity, explore the complex realm of creating healthy boundaries for empathetic and intuitive humans.

Despite the video’s less-than-ideal connection at times, the dialogue remains poignant and relevant, shedding light on the importance of establishing limits and boundaries with users and abusers on every street corner.

Lucienne shares her own journey of breaking free from societal pressures, challenging conventional beauty standards and giving the middle finger to conformity through her fashion and art.

About Keri-Anne

As a certified Clarity Coach and trauma healing specialist, Keri-Anne uniquely blends deep exploration with levity and humor.

She’s not just a coach; Keri-Anne’s a soul liberator. With a decade of experience, she delves into root causes, guiding you to lasting change.¬†Understanding how past experiences shape your present, Keri-Anne offers a safe space for healing emotional wounds, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your inherent power.

Keri-Anne’s methods encompass intuitive abilities, tangible strategies, practical spirituality, and somatic experiencing, addressing mind, body, and spirit. She believes freedom springs from within. She empowers clients to shed layers of conditioning, embrace authenticity, and step into their power, living life authentically.

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