EPISODE 3: Stained Glass: Interpreting the Shapes and Colours of the Soul with Chris Dierkes

Questions explored:

  • What is a soul interpreter?
  • How did Chris end up on his path as a soul interpreter?
  • How to explore the parts and facets of your soul for deep understanding and self-discovery.
  • What makes each and every one of us singular and diverse?
  • How the soul is the “conductor” or your “symphony.”

What do stained glass, Titanic and orchestras have in common? The Soul, apparently. Welcome to a captivating episode of HumanAF that you absolutely won’t want to miss. We have the pleasure of hosting soul interpreter Chris Dierkes. Through a series of wildly random metaphors, we embark on a profound journey through the essence of the soul, and how it mirrors the uniqueness and diversity inherent in every individual.

Join us as we meander a path adorned with the intricate beauty, stunning symbolism and the harmonious complexity that beautifully describes the energy and intention of The Soul and its role. Get ready for an expedition into the realms of light, darkness, and emotions, where we navigate the terrain of knowing and not knowing our ultimate destination.

My beloved mentor and guest, Chris Dierkes, is a soul interpreter and transformative energy teacher and practitioner. He possesses the remarkable ability to speak the language of both the soul and the spirit, empowering you to decipher the symbols and messages within your own soul and spirit. While Chris was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, his knowledge extends across a wide spectrum of lineages and teachings, including the Crystalline Consciousness Technique. His work blends ancient wisdom with a contemporary sensibility, offering a 21st-century perspective on spirituality. Chris’s approach is deeply rooted, yet open and exploratory, disciplined, and intentional, all while maintaining a lightheartedness that makes it accessible whether you come from different religious traditions, or consider yourself spiritual but not religious, identify as agnostic, are a seeker, or even an atheist, Chris’s teachings hold value and resonance for all.

About Keri-Anne

As a certified Clarity Coach and trauma healing specialist, Keri-Anne uniquely blends deep exploration with levity and humor.

She’s not just a coach; Keri-Anne’s a soul liberator. With a decade of experience, she delves into root causes, guiding you to lasting change.¬†Understanding how past experiences shape your present, Keri-Anne offers a safe space for healing emotional wounds, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your inherent power.

Keri-Anne’s methods encompass intuitive abilities, tangible strategies, practical spirituality, and somatic experiencing, addressing mind, body, and spirit. She believes freedom springs from within. She empowers clients to shed layers of conditioning, embrace authenticity, and step into their power, living life authentically.

Connect with Keri-Anne today and uncover the profound shifts that await.