EPISODE 2: The Empath’s Story

Questions explored:

  • What does it mean to be N.I.C.E?
  • Were Empaths born to be sacrificed?
  • As Empaths, what are our responsibilities, our purpose?

During a confrontational coaching session in 2016, I blurted out these words: ‘But that’s why I came here.’ It was a moment of startling self-awareness, as I realized that, like so many other deep feelers, I allowed myself to be used, and often abused, for the comfort and well-being of others. This revelation hit me like a ton of bricks and brought with it a vivid metaphor of being a ‘sacrificial lamb,’ Left wondering questions rarely admitted out loud like, “Was my sole purpose on this earth to be sacrificed? Am I destined only to absorb other people’s pain?”

In this episode, I revisit a live call I did a few years ago diving into the familiar feelings experienced by highly sensitive individuals and the common misconceptions surrounding empaths and their purpose. I share my personal journey of learning to trust my intuition and uncover a perspective that completely shifted my understanding and hopefully yours too! Get ready to release that old story and reclaim your rightful place at the table, allowing yourself to serve others from a cup that overflows with abundance after listening.

About Keri-Anne

As a certified Clarity Coach and trauma healing specialist, Keri-Anne uniquely blends deep exploration with levity and humor.

She’s not just a coach; Keri-Anne’s a soul liberator. With a decade of experience, she delves into root causes, guiding you to lasting change. Understanding how past experiences shape your present, Keri-Anne offers a safe space for healing emotional wounds, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your inherent power.

Keri-Anne’s methods encompass intuitive abilities, tangible strategies, practical spirituality, and somatic experiencing, addressing mind, body, and spirit. She believes freedom springs from within. She empowers clients to shed layers of conditioning, embrace authenticity, and step into their power, living life authentically.

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