EPISODE 11: From Overwhelm to Over it: Using Values as Breadcrumbs to Create a Life You Love

Questions & topics explored:

  • How do you discover your values? How do you honour them?
  • Understanding how some honouring your values is a dynamic process; honouring one value over another in certain circumstances does not mean you value the latter less.¬†
  • Acceptance of the process and all the intricate pieces of yourself is the key to finding balance.

In this compelling episode, join Keri-Anne and her guest, Dawn Dodds, on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Dawn shares her remarkable story of breaking free from overwhelm and over-responsibility to live a life that aligns with her true self.

Discover the pivotal role of values in Dawn’s transformation journey. Learn how getting crystal clear on her values allowed her to untangle herself from the complexities of life and make courageous changes. Dawn provides practical examples and insights that you can immediately apply to gain clarity in your own life.

Explore how Dawn used the breadcrumbs life left for her to create a new path. Her story is a relatable dance of knowing and not knowing, highlighting the importance of interrupting old patterns and embracing change.

Dive deep into the idea of living with intention, shifting from a life of constant “doing” to one that values “being.” Dawn’s journey shows that risking the loss of parts of your identity can lead to a fuller, more connected human experience.

This episode is a living, breathing case study of transformation, emphasizing the importance of values as the foundation of your journey. Discover how your inner and outer life continuously guide you toward a more connected and authentic self.

About Keri-Anne

As a certified Clarity Coach and trauma healing specialist, Keri-Anne uniquely blends deep exploration with levity and humor.

She’s not just a coach; Keri-Anne’s a soul liberator. With a decade of experience, she delves into root causes, guiding you to lasting change.¬†Understanding how past experiences shape your present, Keri-Anne offers a safe space for healing emotional wounds, guiding you to release what no longer serves you and reconnect with your inherent power.

Keri-Anne’s methods encompass intuitive abilities, tangible strategies, practical spirituality, and somatic experiencing, addressing mind, body, and spirit. She believes freedom springs from within. She empowers clients to shed layers of conditioning, embrace authenticity, and step into their power, living life authentically.

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