Imagine Living a Life that Shines and Inspires!

This interactive workshop reconnects you to the truest, most powerful aspects of your self (values, passion and purpose) to show up with more authenticity, leadership and direction in your life and work.

The Lighthouse Effect Workshop





  • Appreciate self development, personal growth and exploring your unlimited potential.
  • Are looking for a deeper connection to your self, your strengths and clarity regarding the big picture.
  • Want more “Oomph” in your life and the part you play in it.
  • Seek a new direction in life after a major life or career change.
  • Are navigating a turbulent sea of change (aka shit storm) and require new tools .
  • Feel overtaken by the busy and moving parts of life (family, work, life).
  • Want more confidence, clarity, direction and resources to make changes.
  • Are ready to make YOUR NEEDS a priority vs putting them LAST…again.



“I feel like there is something more out there and hate feeling as if I’m just going through the motions

“A lot of ‘LIFE’ has happened and I’m not sure who I am now, what I want and where to begin?”

“I want to get back in the drivers seat of my life – to call the shots with confidence and see things change for the better.”

“I want more FUN and LIFE back in my life.”

“How do get fulfilled and what am I passionate about?”

“I’ want a new perspective to get things back on track so I can get out of this rut and get moving.”

“What the hell is purpose anyway? How do I tap into mine and figure this out?”



Know who you are at your core and how to stay true to yourself in any situation.

Design a personalized strategy of first steps to begin living a happier more fulfilling life.

No longer need the opinion, feedback or approval from others to make decisions.

Learn how you can use these new tools and perspectives to quickly declutter the messiest of situations to make decisions easily and confidently.

Discover and reclaim forgotten or left-behind aspects of self (your FUN, VITALITY and EXCITEMENT for living – aka your PASSION).

Reconnect to your INNER NINJA to begin living from the inside out feeling strong and capable travelling life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Declare YOUR Life Purpose and acknowledge the impact you have.

Establish a connection to yourself, armed with awareness and tools to nurture and protect as you move forward amongst the ‘noise’.

Redefine what it means to be selfish and finally see to your needs as a priority.

Show up in differently in your life, with knowledge that may be noticed by those closest to you (asking you what you’ve been doing – it can be that obvious).

Feel more empowered, grounded and lit up from the inside out – ready to take on the world with this new info…BOOM!



30 MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION to take what you’ve learned to into action, making meaningful and fun changes  in your life with accountability.


 Me, Keri-Anne Livingstone. I’m a wife, mom of two young boys and a former corporate marketing professional who transformed my unconscious life in every way, by exploring one powerful concept –Daring to Suck. As a result, I redefine what it means to be ‘selfish’and prove that putting our needs first is actually the quickest way to a happy, fulfilling and a purposeful life. I serve the world as a Certified Co-Active Coach and Speaker demonstrating what’s possible when we listen to our heart, leap into the unknown and trust that amazing experiences and our intended life are waiting on the other side.

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Working with Keri-Anne released the brakes on my life… I was always moving forward but now I don’t feel like I am moving through quicksand.  I feel like I am speeding down a hill on my bike with the feet off the pedals shouting wwwwweeeeeeeeee!
Coming up with my life purpose seemed overwhelming but focussing on my core values and what I love, simplified the process, helping me find it! Now I’ve got a strong foundation to build my work and life from and when I feel lost, I use these to check in and see how aligned I am with it to live my best life. With these tools, it’s easier to make clear and conscious decisions and create a life that works FOR me, not against me.
If someone wants to really deal with their stuff, create clarity and explore why they just aren’t happy or satisfied then Keri-Anne is the person to work with. Working with Keri-Anne is FUN too – she is genuine and the real deal herself.
Lisa Carpenter, Nutrition Ninja - Lisa Carpenter Coaching

Having my Life Purpose Statement has given me focus and strength that I didn’t expect. I’d worked on my values before but didn’t realize (until working with Keri-Anne) how tightly values were woven into all aspects of my life. It surprised me to see how much they contribute to the emotions I was have and how I react to situations. 

Dr. Michele Nielsen, Dentist & Business Owner - Steveston Smiles Dental Clinic

At first I felt like Life Purpose was a little ‘woo woo’ for me and that if I declared it I’d be stuck with it and that it had to be some “big” thing. But this wasn’t the case. I can definitely see how knowing my values and passions in life help to drive me forward, make decisions and are a great tool to help figure out what’s going on when things just don’t feel right. I feel more connecting to myself and my awareness level is heightened with confidence in my decisions and what I am doing in life. There’s also a new sense of calm, peace and ‘knowing’ that wasn’t there before.
Keri-Anne’s passion for her work and clients shines through and it’s contagious. She is incredibly intuitive, supportive and nurturing all while challenging you to examine what’s really going on. She is also your biggest champion along the way.
Jane Stark, Entrepreneur - Jane Stark Marketing Strategist Services


Do I have to have any sort of experience with this sort of work to attend?

Not at all. Sometimes going in with fresh eyes and ears can be a benefit!

What if I’ve already done some work around values and passion?

This workshop is beneficial at any stage of the game to help see who you are in this moment (depending on how long it’s been since you explored these topics). Life and our experiences changes who we are, how we see things and what is most important to us so it’s important to revisit this work often to ‘check in’ and see what’s here now for you to draw from.

What sort of group work will there be?

I will be facilitating the learn topics, discussions and journalling exercises as well as instructing two diad sessions where you will work with a partner to help each other clarify and fine tune your discoveries. To maintain the safety, confidentiality and the sacredness of sharing our personal experiences, the group (together) will design a trust agreement and request whatever is needed to ensure we get the most out of the day. We are all in this together.

Do I need to do any pre work beforehand?

Nope. Showing up is your only requirement, being open to the exploration and willing to lean in and see what shakes out!

Will food be provided?

Light refreshments (water, coffee, snacks) will be provided for the morning and afternoon breaks and we will be breaking for lunch so feel free to pack a lunch as there is a microwave and fridge on site or you can visit one of the nearby restaurants or cafe’s with the time given (roughly 60 minutes).