A Safe space for sacred rebels and the awakening woman to Live Unapologetically, Love Self and Lead from Soul without suffering or sacrifice.


In this Private, members only facebook group you get:

✧  Permission for the process to be messy.

✧  Powerful exercises, tangible learning and intuitive exploration that delivers the clarity, connection and courage to lead without needing to have your “shit together”.

✧  Supportive structure and wisdom through weekly medicine card messages, “next level” journal prompts, live channelled teachings and intuitive coaching that supports your specific needs, roadblocks and questions answered.

✧  Monthly themes that explore the 12 Daring To Suck steps (one module per month) to help you claim your unique place, power and perspective to walk your path with confidence to create unapologetically.

✧ To learn what your unique medicine and message is.

✧  Sacred space and full permission to explore and express your power, passion, pain and purpose alongside Souls who came here to Serve.

✧  To be fully expressed and real AF as you explore the opportunities of the work.

✧  Safety to say the thing, make a mess and obliterate the limiting bullshit you’ve picked up along the way on a cellular level.

✧  To feel seen, supported and celebrated every step of the way for daring to be more YOU than ever before.

✧  To BE the fullest, truest version of you, unapologetically and create what you came here to create.

✧  The clarity and confidence to lead without needing others to follow.

✧  The courage to trust your instincts, act on your inspirations and to let go of the finish line (that doesn’t really exist anyway).

Monthly and weekly OPPORTUNITIES in the group:

Each week in the live calls you have access to “in the moment” issues to explore and express any WTF that comes up for you in your journey with immediate support.

Each month, however, you get the chance to explore the theory in a deeper dive without fires to put out! 

Topics include, but are not limited to: 


  • Your Value & Worth – Claim who, what and why you are (and clarifying what you AREN’T);
  • New Intentions & Knowing Your Impact without working harder or needing approval from anyone but you;
  • Understand Your Unique Passions & Purpose – permission to see & know YOU in your bones.


  • Unsubscribing From The Old roles, rules, responsibilities, expectations, beliefs and patterns;
  • Healthy Boundaries – clarifying & cleaning up the agreements to serve and support;
  • Daring to Tune In To YOUR WAY (translating the manual for your internal GPS System);
  • Speaking Up From Your Soul – Using your Voice & Choice to transform and heal.


  • Daring To Feel – healing & liberating relationship coaching for you and ALL your feelings;
  • Radical Receiving – how to trust yourself & others to open up to what Life wants to give;
  • Daring to Shift Perspective – how to move into the new without forsaking the old.


  • Taking Conscious Action With Courage & Conviction – your personalized blueprint and action plan for sustainable and long term change;
  • The Practice of Self Love, Acknowledgment & Appreciation (now that you are so much better at receiving lol).

See What Others are Saying…

“Keri-Anne is a crone before her time. The connection she has with our earth and the spirit realm is deeply felt as she leads her meditations.

She’s the real deal in a sea of bullshit.


I don’t teach this, I live it.

My most recent adventures in Daring to Suck inspired me, my husband and our two boys to unsubscribe from the conventional model of fortune-based success for a more fun, fulfilling and full frontal model of experiential learning.

If you want to talk tangibles, we dared to put our house on the market, honoured the request from our kids to be homeschooled and are answering the calls (literally) to explore the world, express our selves and expand in every way as a result. To shed skins and societal norms that no longer served any of us – if only to see who and what we might become without them.

Daring to Suck is a rinse-and-repeat philosophy, path and practice I created after surviving a series of devastating losses and life-changing challenges over 10 years ago that turned my world inside out. In the years of navigating the various levens of “suckiness” I was given a chance to stop feeling victimized by life and to listen more closely to what was really going on. That I was being asked to take full ownership and responsibility of my experience and choices and to lean in, with curiosity to learn the liberating lessons adversity brings.

Daring to Suck took me from tolerating my go-along-to-get-along existence to living, loving and leading a life that inspires me (and others, to my surprise).

This unconventional perspective seeks to redefine our most challenging times as an opportunity to:


Slow down, sense into and surrender to what’s true (vs overthinking, fighting and striving against reality).


Unpack and unsubscribe from the roles, rules, responsibilities and expectations that no longer serve your truth.


Connect to your conviction, confidence and courage IN the process; and create your path, your way.


Kiss people pleasing, “going along to get along” and the “gold star” at the finish line, goodbye. And keep going!


What’s included with my membership fee?

One of the Daring to Suck steps to explore every month

New moon intention setting ceremonies 


#MojoMonday: Start the week off with a medicine card message to set a clear intention and structure coupled with a powerful question to journal / explore and bring to the weekly LIVE call on Wednesday.

#WTFWednesday: A live channeled teaching to explore the weekly wisdom and module for the month. An hour to receive specific guidance, intuitive coaching and answers to any questions you have about tricky circumstances and situations you are navigating.

#SelfLoveSunday: A prompt to acknowledge and appreciate you and all you are learning.


Daily journal prompts

Access to an amazing community of like-minded individuals

….and much more!

What if I want to unsubscribe?
Once you sign up there is no obligation, and you can cancel anytime.  Just send us an email at info@keriannelivingstone.com.
Do you offer refunds?
In order to provide this amazing value, I don’t offer any full or partial refunds.