Resources That Changed My Life

Cheri Huber’s book (below) was the FIRST that woke me up from a deep sleep I found myself behind the wheel of my own life. Just like the title promises, she took me from drowning in deep depression to getting my head above water to take the next conscious step towards my own healing.

A New Earth (below) helped me sort through the tangled threads of my messy life to see how I was creating the mess I was navigating. His words helped me gain perspective and distance myself from believing I WAS the mess to simply the ONE experiencing it. So much shifted after this!


Journey of Souls (below) found me after I miscarried our first baby when a stranger in a meditation group recommended it (no accidents, ever)! It helped me REMEMBER everything about where I and WE come from, who and what I am before all the roles, rules, and ridiculous situations and circumstances we find ourselves tangled up in. I had THE most incredible STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience) while reading this that took me out of my body to really drive that memory home. Forever grateful for these words!


Sonia’s step-by-step guide (below) helped me sort through the layers and moving parts of the spiritual support crew that’s available to us all while we navigate the human experience. She provided embodied exercises and experiences to help me develop my own gifts and how to share them with integrity. The best “rubber hits the road” guide to intuitive development and all the realms available to us. 



 Home with God (below) found its way to me after my Dad died suddenly in 2016. After reading all of the above, I felt like I needed THE book to help open up the next door that came with this significant and foundational loss. It helped me remember and rang a bell in me about what death actually IS and what it IS NOT. It reinforced all I felt but couldn’t language. If you find yourself in the mess of loss, this book is a life preserver on all levels.

The wisdom and healing process offered in Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck express the Heart and Soul of my work. These cards connect deeply in support of your highest good, you will love them!

 Jamie Sams Medicine Cards have served as a supportive guide and source of Divine inspiration that help offer answers to life’s questions; Drawing on ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals. The magic they offer is timeless, enjoy!



The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruis was one of the foundational books that helped me start exactly where I was and move forward with four simple statements to unravel the knots we carry! A simple and solid strategy to unf*ck how we relate to everything and everyone.



Trauma Healing








Healing Products

KAKAO is Ceremonial-grade Cacao directly sourced from small, wild farms in Peru. To be utilized intentionally in ‘ceremony’ or your own sacred ritual for heart-opening, connection, and creativity.

If you are looking for a high vibrational booster shot for your daily, weekly, or monthly ceremony, this is IT. You will be buzzing with focus and flying with your highest self for hours afterward! A beautiful product, produced with heart and ethics. Click through for details about what, how, and more!

Andographis has been mostly studied for colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections. Andrographis paniculata is used in traditional medicine to treat infectious diseases and fevers. In the lab, it exhibits antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and immunostimulating properties..