[ Keri-Anne Livingstone, CPCC ]

My intention

I am a healer, a helper and an impassioned storyteller, here to help awakening women lead their own personal revolution from the inside out. I facilitate compassionate, safe, and embodied transformation (not just talk) that seeks to move people on a cellular level. Through real, raw and radical expression, I offer audiences internal fire ceremonies that burn away the old and ignite the new to embrace their humanity with humour.

Topics I speak About

Daring To Suck: How to bless the mess and trust the process of pursuing your dreams. (Leadership)

Radical Acceptance: A new way to lead, love and live. (Vulnerable Leadership)

How to Lead From Self without Sacrifice or Suffering

This is Me: How to claim your passion, purpose and power (Self Discovery)

Emboundaries: How to create boundaries that empower you to be your truest Self.

The Gifts of Grief

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“Keri-Anne brings a process full of love, acceptance, safety, humour and FULL permission to be me. To embraced and stepped into ALL aspects of me, unapologetically. Something inside of me said I could completely trust in the process. Through tears, laughter, anger and SO many more emotions she opened me up to a new sense of myself that has a lot less fear and moves through life OUT LOUD and ON PURPOSE. And that is something I don’t think I can ever thank Keri-Anne enough for ~ my life has well and truly been changed.” ~Michelle Mc, Helper and Healer