An intimate container for deep inner work and soul-level support.

Starting Spring 2024.



Make powerful shifts in your life and come through the hardest transitions thriving.

Starting Spring 2024.


A 6-Month intimate group program of 8 women in the midst of BIG change – some ready for it – some not and some with change they never signed up for.

The kinds of changes that invite you to redefine who you are and what matters now. To strip back the layers of beliefs, and radically accept all of you, as you step into the unknown!

This can be the year YOU show up to your life without apology (and with a ton of support).


When was the last time it felt like you were living your life?

Rather than existing to serve others or reacting to ‘shit that happens’,  or doing what was needed from a sense of obligation or guilt?

If your answer is “um…. never?” (or you can’t remember that far back), you are not alone. We’re human. It’s not wrong to follow paths of least resistance, even when those paths don’t feel exactly true to who we are or what we want. Choosing a way that aligns with you is scary, it means leaving the paved road behind.

And whether you like it or not, your power lies in the choosing.


Choosing to stay, or go

Choosing to resist, or allow

Choosing to please everyone else, or please yourself

Choosing to tolerate or take charge…


What would happen if you trusted yourself to choose what you need and want and did it with

less guilt, explanation, or apology?

The Answer:

You might piss some people off. 

Disappoint and inconvenience others.

Also True:

You’d own your life and choices to create something new for yourself.

You’d also inspire others around you to bravely live on their terms too.

And Most Importantly:

You’d be living your truth, taking the time and space you need to pursue joy and embody your purpose.

Something inside of me said I could completely trust in the process. Through tears, laughter, anger, and so many more emotions, this experience opened me up to a new sense of myself that has a lot less fear and moves through life OUT LOUD and ON PURPOSE. And that is something I don’t think I can ever thank Keri-Anne enough for. My life has well and truly been changed.

Michelle McIntosh

Executive Function & ADHD Coach

Let’s be real.

If that doesn’t scare you (at least a little),
I’d be concerned.


To make big changes, and thrive through transitions that shake your very foundation, takes more than bravery, fortitude, even friendships — it takes real fucking support.

And that is one thing the women who join this program desperately want, and aren’t getting. Because YOU are the support for everyone else. And that’s often a lonely, and thankless role.

The Solace 6-Month Program gives you the time, space and unwavering support and community to do the deep inner work. To face the truth, express yourself, restore your confidence, rebuild and maintain boundaries, and ultimately work through the messy middle…

To forge a life that is truly yours.

To grow into your next, powerful incarnation.

And to find wholeness in the whole mess.

Hi, I’m Keri-Anne Livingstone,

and if we haven’t met yet, I work with women to clear the clutter they carry and love themselves on the deepest levels, using trauma-informed somatic support, IFS and intuitive guidance. I teach helpers and healers how to reclaim their wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of your humanity by exploring and expressing what’s true in absolute safety.

Bless the mess and trust the process — this is how Wholeness happens.

I’ve been running Radical Acceptance 5-day retreats for 5 years, and while the outcomes have been profound and even life-changing), five days is not enough time to get sustained support as you integrate new insights into your very real, daily life. I saw the need for a ‘next level container’ for women stepping out of an old reality and even identity for a very new one.



  • Sensing you need to blow up your life to live an entirely new one,
  • Launching a new business, and
  • Beginning again after the impact of death, divorce or disease.
The kinds of shifts that leave you questioning, “Who am I now? And how do I do this….?”

In this intimate 8-person space, you’ll find the answer to these questions that are uniquely YOURS with the power to transform everything in the very best way.

Through my work with Keri-Anne, I created solid boundaries and new agreements in my relationships knowing my worth and what I’m willing AND not willing to accept from others. She helped me hear MY inner guidance and I now trust myself and my intuition to guide me.

I was able to confront and heal the most important relationships in my life. I showed up differently at work and have been consistently approached for promotions after promotion and I’ve turned some down with absolute clarity in what feels right and best for me. My life feels aligned and abundant.




  • Starting Spring 2024
  • 8 women in community
  • 6 months
  • A personal roadmap (from our initial 1:1 call)
  • 1 hr private clarity session with me each month (6 in total)
  • Weekly group calls every Sunday or Monday to work through individual and shared obstacles together.
  • A private messenger thread to express and connect with support and accountability.
  • Access to the entire Daring to Suck Vault.

Group calls will be every week (on Sundays or Mondays during a preferred day/time based on what works for the group) and last anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours to ensure each person receives what they need to move forward.

Private calls are 1 hr each month to be used for deep clearing work for you to step forward with connection and confidence to take tangible action on your goals.

Your participation in the group messenger isn’t mandatory or expected – it’s a choice available to discern what works for you.

What you’ll find is the group aspect becomes just as important (if not more so than private coaching) because in hearing and sharing our stories, we light the way for ourself and each other in ways we never expected. Community is key.

If that sounds like a lot – it is.

Solace builds on the foundations of The Daring to Suck Method and adds personalized support to create the outcome and specific changes you want to make.

Choose what you need, want and how you want to use the resources available.

Our work together begins by building a customized roadmap of “What You Want Out of These Six Months” — for you to have clarity on the specific “knots” you want to loosen or untie, things you want to accomplish with accountability and how you want to feel at the end. You’re supported in every way, but you do this your way.


You and the other seven women are the heart of this program — you are the circle of trusted women who are willing and capable of seeing all that you have to offer, who can support you in becoming the fullest incarnation of your magical, purposeful self.

A big part of the work we do in Radical Acceptance is to give you permission to rest and receive strength and wisdom from other women like you — self-aware, intuitive, mindful, generous, spiritual (sometimes downright witchy) women. No shoulds, no judgements, no toxic positivity.

Here you’ll find kindred spirits in other open-hearted empaths navigating tricky relationships, healing from narcissistic abuse, and bravely stepping out of toxic patterns so they can free themselves from exhaustion… and find out what’s on the other side.

The twelve learning modules are designed to help you embrace every part of yourself, so you can live your truth and say YES to what matters.

Topics covered include, but aren’t limited to:


Your Value & Worth – Claim who, what and why you are (and clarify what you AREN’T);

New Intentions & Knowing Your Impact without working harder or needing approval from anyone but you;

Understand Your Unique Passions & Purpose – permission to see & know YOU in your bones.


Unsubscribe From The Old roles, rules, responsibilities, expectations, beliefs and patterns;

Healthy Boundaries – clarify & clean up the agreements to serve and support;

Daring to Tune In To YOUR WAY (translating the manual for your internal GPS System);

Speaking Up From Your Soul – Using your Voice & Choice to transform and heal.


Daring To Feel – healing & liberating relationship coaching for you and ALL your feelings;

Radical Receiving – how to trust yourself & others to open up to what Life wants to give;

Daring to Shift Perspective – how to move into the new without forsaking the old.


Daring to Shift Perspective – how to move into the new without forsaking the old.

Taking Conscious Action With Courage & Conviction – your personalized blueprint and action plan for sustainable and long term change;

The Practice of Self Love, Acknowledgment & Appreciation (now that you are so much better at receiving!).

The way I was witnessed, I finally saw who I was for the first time and suddenly had permission to embody and step into ME, opening a door to live in a completely new way with confidence. This led me to leave my J-O-B, start my own business helping kids with their learning challenges and I landed a publishing deal to write books that truly help. Our work together laid the groundwork for all of these things to manifest.





$500 USD/month

Solace 6-month Program ONLY

$750 USD/month

Solace 6-month Program +

Radical Acceptance Retreat!

The next

Radical Acceptance Retreat

IRELAND APRIL 5-12th* 2024


Be a part of a powerful 8-day group healing experience guided by Keri-Anne in the gorgeous Irish landscape. Feel seen and heard in an intimate group of women supporting each other through transformative breakthroughs while exploring castles, cliffs, stone circles and more.

*Dates are currently tentative.

Are You In?

Let’s make sure this is a great fit for you first.

Our work helped me clear childhood baggage that was holding me back with practical tools and a safe place to land when life gets dark. For over a year now I feel supported.

It was at her retreat where I got to experience something I’d never felt before, unconditional love. I also felt like I belonged in the world, accepted in the feelings/ thoughts I’ve had all my life, with the safety to express them with no judgement, just welcomed with open loving arms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the biggest concerns in taking on a 6-month program are:

“Where will I find the time?”

“Where will I get the energy?”

“I’m already stretched so thin.”

In community. With support.

This is how you reclaim your time, defend your energy and re-grow your layers of strength.

From like-hearted humans, who get it.

Q: What is the difference between the Solace 6-month Program and the Radical Acceptance Retreat?

A:  It’s true, they cover similar territory, but if you’ve ever been to one of my retreats, you’ll know – they’re too short!

Intense, and short.

Life-changing, and short.

Like a plunge-pool into the deep self.

I saw a need for a slower process with room for more deeper integration, with a sisterhood that stays together to co-regulate the big emotions that arise when we’re making change at a pace that’s natural and supportive.

The retreat has so much urgency to it, and that, in itself, is a powerful catalyst.

Both are deeply nourishing circles for you to come back into balance and heal the parts of yourself that drive you into burnout, or have you going through the motions.

The good news is: You don’t have to choose. For an additional $250 per month, you can come to the next Radical Acceptance Retreat for a discounted price!

Q: What are some of the outcomes of the retreat (and the 6-month program)?

A:  Your goal for these 6 months is unique and personal to you, and ultimately, it’s up to you to make it happen. But, together, we’ll build the tools you need to follow your roadmap to your brave new world, including:

  • Knowing your value and worth in your bones.
  • Trusting yourself to know and choose what you need and want without guilt, explanation or apology.
  • Embodying strong, healthy boundaries you assert, and maintain, with sovereignty and respect.
  • Having the courage to speak up without the obligation to please anyone.
  • Feeling conscious connection to your intuition, internal “captain and crew” of parts and your new support system of sisters walking this path alongside you.

I walked out of the retreat with a radical understanding of myself, my emotions, and my POWER. I learned I can be vulnerable. I learned I am worthy of being loved back.

I walked out with an understanding of what safety feels like, with 11 women who feel closer to family than friends. To say that this retreat changed my life seems trite and too small; this retreat changed ME, at a cellular level.


Body Love Advocate & Social Justice Activist

When we worked together before, I only had space to work on not drowning. I will always be grateful for all the ways you helped me find my way to staying afloat.

I have expanded and healed so much since we last worked together and this process has led me to being able to start to see where I’m blocked and how much this has and continues to resonate through every part of my life. You speak to every place I can see I need help – and also to the space I increasingly see I’m able to step into to become.


This is for you if…

  • Something needs to change, you’re at a crossroads and you want clarity around how to move forward.
  • You want to live your life, not just exist, or respond to the latest fire.
  • You don’t know where to start to free yourself from the tangled knots that have accumulated to create something new.
  • After the latest life upheaval, you’re asking the big questions like “Who am I now? What next? And HOW?”
  • You want to know who yourself on the deepest level, so you can live, love and lead from wholeness.
  • You are ready to be the most unapologetic version of yourself.

This may no be for you (yet) if…

You’re newer to personal development work, as this is a much deeper dive in a smaller pond. I would encourage you to wade in the waters of the Daring to Suck membership first.

You have little tolerance for differences in opinions and beliefs (radical acceptance literally means to accept and respect where others are at – no matter what – even when you disagree).

You feel you’ve already “done” shadow work, and looking to move beyond it. In this space and community, the exploration and discover journey isn’t limited to simplified spiritual lingo.

But if your body is tingling with possibility,

If your heart beats a little faster at the thought of living in choice,

Let’s hop on a call and make sure this is exactly what you need.