Welcome to Restore

A powerful intuitive healing experience for closure, clarity, and healing from loss in your Life. 

Through curiosity and collaborative exploration (meaning we both participate), let’s restore you back to a state of balance, truth, and awareness with the opportunity to release unresolved or unexpressed emotions, and most importantly, receive the deep healing you need to move forward.

These sessions are for those who have:

  • Lost a loved one and wish to reconnect to them in spirit, clean up unresolved issues, or redesign a new relationship moving forward;
  • Lost (or in the process of losing) a significant relationship, which can be with another person, your body or an aspect of Self; or
  • Lost (or are in the process of losing) your wellbeing, health due to illness or surgery, or a way of life you once identified with that’s now gone or forever changed.

 Loss is loss, and there’s learning in all of it.

Healing happens in the deeper understanding of what the loss is, why it’s happening, what it might want for you, and how it wants to guide you onward with more in your heart as a result, not less. 

Restore sessions guarantee embodied learning, visceral healing, and answers you need to move freely.

When you say intuitive do you mean you’re a medium or a psychic? How does that work?

Yes, I receive intuitive and psychic messages during the session. That being said, you are driving the process while I am facilitating it. 

When we go to a psychic or medium to connect with a dead loved one, we often sit back, play a passive role, and waiting for them to prove they’re connected and deliver a message we hope to receive. We often leave wondering or hoping it is or was real.

In Restore Sessions, there is nothing passive about them. You participate fully to receive a deeply healing experience that resolves any debate or arguments you hold in your heart around the losses in your Life. The learning isn’t me telling you theory. It’s an engaged and embodied healing experience. You don’t wonder what was real. You KNOW it was real. You feel it in your bones. Restore sessions settle the Soul.

Your role is to simply show up with an open heart, a willing mind, and curiosity about what arises. My job is to facilitate this unconventional conversation between you and your loved one or loss, to offer supportive insights and often very intuitive healing messages as we go. This is the collaborative element. We both lean in to get the most out of it.

What do you get?

  • 1 x 60 minute Private Session with Keri-Anne
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up session* (to be completed within two weeks of your call or combined into one 90 minute call if you prefer)
  • Recordings of your calls to reflect on, sent within 12 hours of your session.
  • Two weeks of support from Keri-Anne via voice message, email or text for two weeks following your call to deepen any learning or forward action related to your session.


You get a front row, full-body experience of YOUR OWN intuitive abilities (when you maybe didn’t believe you had any). I’m beyond excited to connect you to them for you to begin that relationship also.

Are you ready for a transformative and healing experience? 

Cost is $350 for a 90-minute session