Hi, I’m Keri-Anne.
Who am I and how did I get here?

Let’s get the foundational stuff on the table up front.
I’m a childhood sexual abuse survivor and grew up in a loving home that also included navigating complicated relationships that involved alcoholism, guilt, obligation, secrets, codependency, narcassism, loyalty and taking on roles and learning underlaying belief systems that taught me to sacrifice my needs, desires and dreams (if I ever had one) in order to make everyone else more comfortable. I laid in the bed I made (and was made before me). I tried not to rock the boat, play it safe, be nice and ultimately twist myself into every shape so I could NEVER upset anyone. Ever.

Instead of listening to my instincts (which weren’t that loud anyway), I chose the path of least resistance with “what SHOULD I do” guiding the way and ended up with what I thought I wanted – the good job, good money, good house, good car, good husband, good pregnancy…. You know, the cardboard cutout Life.

My life, relationships and work suddenly felt small and suffocating. With overwhelming suffering, I wondered how to change something I couldn’t even articulate? And where would I even start? I was so focused on the HOW without even naming the WHAT I was holding.

How could I even speak it? I’d made such a mess and didn’t know where to start, let alone ADMIT to myself what I sensed. So I waited. Hoping it would just change on it’s own.

The old way was gone.

This forced me to work with what was here. Which was me and my truth.

The more I tuned in, spoke up and felt my way forward – the more clear, connected and courageous I felt. My life became an experiment of daring to listen and live from my heart and Daring to Suck was born.

I said NO to needing an end result, a finish line of win/lose and failure held no fire.

I said YES to being my life, expressing myself, experiences, learning, loving me as I went and being in the process.

Some of my superpowers are…

I am an Empathetic Badass (or deep feeler) which means I hear what you say but FEEL what’s not being said. I am fluent in reading energy and serve unexpressed and misunderstood emotions.

My Enthusiasm For Authentic Living infectious. I was born to go deep start revolutions and have FUN while doing it.

I am a Loving, Safe and Compassionate Space where you can be honest with your words, with full permission to let loose and feel what it’s like to speak your truth without hurting a soul. Where you get to say ALL the things out loud (sometimes for the first time) and not be “bad”, judged or be seen as something that needs to be “fixed”. Blurting and radical truth telling are a MUST in this process.

I’m an Intuitive Articulator, meaning I’ve been given the gift of words and intuitive metaphors to help open things up when you can’t find them. I quickly sense into the space and respectfully offer what I hear to help you liberate your truth.

I’m a Creative Force of Nature and strategist that gets to the point with fierce love and nurturing energy, served with a side of uncensored humor which makes things …interesting. The metaphors that come out of my mouth in service of YOU want to make this process fun!

I am a Powerful Perspective Shifter. When we explore the limiting situations and circumstances you find yourself nose-to-nose with, I’m given alternate angles to consider only for you to see and FEEL the deeper WHY behind it all. The deeper understanding you receive has you choose what’s next based on this new truth. When I help you see things differently, you go from stuck to daring to suck – empowered to choose and create a life, relationships and work that honors all you are.

Do you see or feel YOU in my story?

If you are still reading, you probably have. If you are ready to explore getting Unstuck, let’s chat. Click below to set up a complimentary 20 minute discovery call so we can connect.


I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Entrepreneurial Management and am a creative force of nature when it comes to birthing new ideas into the world.


I met my Australian hubby “serendipitously” on the internet in 2000 when I made a mistake on my pen pal profile. (yes, I said pen pal… and no I wasn’t seven when I did this).


I learned (while giving birth to my first son) that when I’m in excruciating pain, I laugh or sing operatically. LOUD.


I lived and worked abroad in Manchester, England and Washington, DC but the rugged beauty and wildness of British Columbia’s coastline will always be my home.


Flash mobs make me cry… or bawl. Basically anything with a sentimental soundtrack and I’m cracked open.


I know how to Irish Dance and competitively “Riverdanced” in my twenties but stopped after having kids…wondering if a comeback is on the horizon.