Reclaim your value, vision, and the courage to live and lead from your unshakeable SELF!

Join me for 3 days to collect the clarity and confidence you need to lead your life and love your whole self, unapologetically.

To embody…

I see you,

I got you,

I love you.

It’s one thing to intellectually know you matter and have worth. It’s an entirely different experience to feel it and know it in your cells. Let’s put the proof and receipts of your brilliance back in your hand!

These 3 days may be the kick-start you need, if you:

  • Wonder to yourself “who am I now, and what next?” as you navigate the latest life change.
  • Worry about what you might find if you slow down and actually look within.
  • Struggle to articulate how you feel or what you want when someone asks.
  • Wrestle with guilt and feel the urge to apologize often.
  • Tend to feel responsible for everything (and everyone).
  • Rarely say no, ask for help, or receive gifts and praise easily.
  • Debate and doubt yourself in decision-making.
  • Overdo, overwork, and overextend yourself for the comfort and convenience of others.
  • Tolerate toxic behaviour and unhealthy boundaries.
  • Feel unseen, no appreciated, or respected in your life.
  • Believe your value is directly related to what you do or accomplish.
  • Feel that no matter how much you do, it’s never enough… or maybe you’re not enough.

What if it’s time to change the game?


When you continually put yourself last – that core, true centre of you – feels further and further out of reach.

This is when you feel more uncertain, you second-guess and doubt, feel lost in the “fog” of overwhelm, and stop trusting your decisions and intuition

You become so disconnected, you struggle to find your way back to…

Clarity, Confidence and Courage to be you, and living an authentic, vibrant life that’s yours to create.

(Not Existing to serve others!)

Find Your Way Back to You.

“With my stories and these experiences unbound, blown open, and exposed… they now feel calm and hold less turmoil. I feel seen and it’s serene.

I sense the beauty in them as they are what connects all the parts of me. I now understand I’m not the stories that happened to me – I’m the whole person who moved through them – and knowing this is powerful.

I’m powerful.”

~ A client’s experience

Heads up, this scavenger hunt doesn’t f@ck around.

It’s here to help you…

Feel seen, heard and valued for who you are (without changing a thing).

Embody a stronger foundation for healing from toxic patterns and behaviours.

Provide a powerful roadmap to redesign an authentic life and relationships you love.

Each day in the private Facebook Group, you’ll receive potent prompts to…

  • NAME and CLAIM the kaleidoscope of treasure you are – You are a VIBE.
  • Face and embrace all of you. Not just the shiny, happy, and very capable parts.
  • Establish a feeling of interconnected flow, feeling more permission to be you.
  • Relcaim boundaries from a place of renewed love and appreciation for who and what matters most (your values).

…and END the cycle of not feeling seen or valued.

Once you understand and feel your worth – there’s no going back.

Who Am I?

I’m Keri-Anne Livingstone, your guide for this Self-Love Scavenger Hunt and the founder of The Daring to Suck Method which I created to help women live and lead from their unshakeable Self!

I teach deep feelers, helpers, and healers how to reclaim their wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of their humanity by exploring and expressing their truth in absolute safety. My process is trauma-informed Somatic Soul Work with intuitive coaching and embodiment practices to lock in your learning.

Self-discovery doesn’t have to feel scary.

I created the Self-Love Scavenger Hunt to help you reconnect with your truest self, find absolute clarity in your inherent value, and regain confidence in your gifts and abilities.

Listen, many of us are feeling a little lost right now – a little stuck. But when you see – really see and feel you – you discover the inner resources that change and evolve the relationship you have with you and every relationship in your life.

I am a person who is on a perpetual journey to self-exploration and growth. Keri-Anne is the person I work with when I want to discover, process, and heal the deepest parts of me that may be holding me back.

Stepping into ME helped me listen to what I truly wanted which led me to leave my J-O-B, start my own business helping kids with their learning challenges and I landed a publishing deal to write books that truly help. Our work together laid the groundwork for all of these things to manifest.

~ Michelle McIntosh, Courageous Minds Coaching

Becoming unshakeable in Self-Love is an inside-out process.

Welcome to the first leg of that journey.

To bless the mess and trust the process – this is how Wholeness happens.

How the Scavenger Hunt Works

Opening Circle

You will be welomed into the private Worthy & Worth It Facebook Group on the Friday prior to the week we begin the challenge (we start on Monday) with the weekend to complete a kick-off “reality check” exercise to establish your very real starting point.

There will be a similar “closing exercise” at the end to see yourself and celebrate how much you gained over these five, game-changing days!

Daily exploration with “Dare to Share” Prompts

Each day (Monday to Friday), you’ll receive an email in your inbox with a link to watch the daily prompt in the FB group. You will then explore at your own pace, find your gold, and a “dare” to share what you learned or experienced alongside your fellow treasure hunters in the group! Each post enters you into the daily giveaways!

How much time will this take?

YOU decide how deep you want to go in your exploration. The jounralling and posting doesn’t need to take more than 15 to 30 minutes a day TOPS!


There’ll be daily giveaways for those who share and support each other in the group threads – and… those who contribute every day will be entered to win a Grand Prize of FREE access to the DTS Signature Program, the equivalent in 1:1 coaching, OR a payment towards her nex Radical Acceptance Retreat!

Live Support:

Keri-Anne will show up LIVE in Facebook Group every day at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST for 30-minute Q&As to support, guide and remove whatever obstacles get in your way.

No need to stress:

Miss a day? No worries. You’ll have the following weekend to catch up on missed days to still qualify for the grand prize and participate in the Closing Circle at the end of the Challenge.

Closing Circle & Recommitment Celebration

There will be a Graduation Post on the Monday following the end of the challenge to declare the crystal clear vision you are committing to from ALL you learned. Join the LIVE call in the Facebook Group later that day where the winner of the grand prize will be announced and any next step questions will be answered to keep the momentum moving!

You’ve officially changed the game!

Through her work and retreats I’ve learned how to honour and befriend all of the different parts of myself, especially the ones that I once judged as bad and shameful. She helped me learn how to trust myself and the universe.

Keri-Anne empowers me to vanquish shame by shining light on the hurt and holds space that fosters honest expression I’d certainly never experience otherwise. Leading by example, she inspires me to be all that I am – messy, furious, silly, joyful, heartbroken, grateful.

~ Ellen, Body Love Advocate + Social Justice Activist

These 3 Days might just change your life if you…

Feel untethered and out of touch with what you need,

Crave feeling seen and valued for who you really are,

Are ready to take tangible steps to value yourself, and

Need a safe space to talk about what’s really going on.

In short, you’re ready to get real.

With loving support

with people you can unpack with absolute acceptance and respect

so you can make the necessary changes to live and lead your life with conviction and confidence!

Sign up for the Worthy & Worth-It 3-Day Scavenger Hunt Today!