I’m Ready, if YOU are.

No more existing and going through the motions.

Start LIVING the fullest, truest expression of yourself  – unapologetically.


Are you committed to creating long term, meaningful change? 

If so, that means saying YES to the following…

  1. Investing the time to process what you learn; and develop insights and awarenesses outside of our calls;
  2. Taking conscious and meaningful action (a.k.a. leaning INTO discomfort);
  3. Being consistently willing to see things from multiple points of view; and to
  4. Acknowledge, reflect and give yourself credit for every ounce of progress along the way.

If you are ready to finally figure this stuff out (once and for all) with the help of a loving, passionate, playful and accountable partner… keep reading.


GET REAL with all aspects of your life – the good, bad and fugly;

REVIEW where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go;

GET CLEAR on who YOU are, what’s most important (your values) and uncover your life’s purpose;

IDENTIFY and RECONCILE what’s holding you back (limiting beliefs, non-serving dialogue, self sabotage);

RECONNECT you… to you. From here, you can nurture the most important relationships in your life to go after what you want personally and professionally with all parts of you on board;

CLAIM YOUR VOICE, give you back ownership of your experience instead of feeling victim to your circumstances;

CHANNEL your inner leader to re-establish confidence in making clear and empowered decisions;

TAKE ACTION to get you moving and making the changes you want with supportive accountability; and

INVITE ownership, empowerment, choice and F.U.N back into your life!


The Daring To Suck Strategy Sessions is a 4-month, step-by-step program, that introduces incremental change in digestible nuggets. Through consistent support and engagement the insights and learning gained along the way hold a greater chance of establishing deep and unshakable roots for long-lasting change. There is no quick-fix here.

This is where slow n’ steady not only wins the race but celebrates every moment of growth and progress along the way!

This package is ideal, if you:

  • Know that this work is an inside-out job, meaning all change starts by going within;
  • Dream of living YOUR life, instead of living to meet the needs and expectations of others;
  • Get excited about creating a life that honours who you are at your core and ignites your passion;
  • Desire more authenticity, empowerment and purpose in your life;
  • Are ready to reconnect to yourself and find YOUR WAY of doing things
  • Yearn to let go of beliefs and expectations that don’t serve you anymore;
  • Want to trade in fear and anxiety for adventure and excitement;
  • Are prepared to stop old patterns by moving through the discomfort of the unknown;
  • Appreciate practical, tangible steps with accountability to get you out of your head and into action; and
  • Love the idea of having a loving powerhouse for a coach in your corner – fully engaged and committed to your growth and development!


  • Pre-work questionnaire to gain clarity on where you are, where you are going and how to get there.
  • 8 x 50 min strategic coaching sessions over 4 months (suggested two per month) where I will provide practical exercises, tools, life skills and new perspectives that take you and your life beyond where you’ve currently been.
  • Supportive and firm accountability that stretches you into unexplored territory.
  • Full ownership of your own progress, choices, learning and achievements gained along the way.
  • ME at your fingertips – email, text and phone support to ‘check-in’ and to celebrate wins as you break new ground.
  • Customized resources (books, events, links, videos, podcasts+) to amplify your progress and inspiration for the ride.


How do the four months roll out?

Our first 30 days are all about building a solid foundation to work from that identifies WHO you are at your core, WHAT you want and WHY. These are the drivers that will serve everything we do moving ahead;

In the next 90 days, we create STRATEGIES on HOW to get you from where you are to where you want to be by IMPLEMENTING ACTION and CELEBRATING progress. This is where patterns get interrupted and you blaze a new trail toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Book a FREE consultation (below) to explore the possibilities of us working together

and get one HELL of a SHIFT in the process.

(ZERO obligation or pressure to buy – as I hate that shit.)


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Note: Sessions are done via Telephone, Skype or Google Hangout, with payment received through Paypal or E-Transfer.

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