Welcome to The School of Daring to Suck

8 weeks of LIVE Theory & Coaching

*Note: Calls are recorded and posted in the private Facebook community if timing prevents you from attending live.

Let’s get your hands back on the wheel 

and see what you (and this Life) can be!

This 8 week journey consists of weekly calls that introduce the theory and coaching around each step of the Daring to Suck process.  Each call accompanies live on-the-spot coaching & engages group discussion to bring the ‘real life’ elements into the model not only benefitting you but the entire group.


  • Are navigating a turbulent sea of change (aka shit storm) and require new tools .

  • Feel overtaken by the busy and moving parts of life (family, work, life).

  • Want more confidence, clarity, direction and resources to make changes.

  • Are ready to make YOUR NEEDS a priority vs putting them LAST…again.

  • Wonder “IS THIS ALL THERE IS? And feel like an ungrateful a–hole for it.

  • Are living for others and have no idea what YOU really want anymore.

  • Get the nagging feeling you’re here to DO or BE something MORE.

  • Like you’re not living your “intended” life, but how to you find it?

  • Feel restless and annoyed you can’t make any progress going round in circles.

  • Seek clarity and answers to the question “what matters to me, now?”



“I feel like there is something more out there and hate feeling as if I’m just going through the motions

“A lot of ‘LIFE’ has happened and I’m not sure who I am now, what I want and where to begin?”

“I want to get back in the drivers seat of my life – to call the shots with confidence and see things change for the better.”

“I want more FUN and LIFE back in my Life.”

“How do get fulfilled? And where is my passion?”

“I want perspective and REAL tools to get back on track so I can get living already.”


1b1234fWorking with Keri-Anne released the brakes on my life… I was always moving forward but now I don’t feel like I am moving through quicksandI feel like I am speeding down a hill on my bike with the feet off the pedals shouting wwwwweeeeeeeeee! She has a no bullsh*t way of getting me into it and holds space for me while I process it – she’s Firm and Loving, Challenging and Safe. NO more hiding.

Lisa Carpenter, Top 50 Online Nutrition Coaches

Today, I feel urabbfamily-178nraveled. I sit in this place. Exactly where I was meant to be, at this moment. I lay in time and space, thinking consciously about my next move. I feel peace. I can see ME again. I have clarity. I have direction. As I “drive this bus” forward, I will rest assured in knowing that my values, my heart, the core of my being, and what I believe are steering the way. They are guiding. While I might sometimes find myself a passenger, I do believe I have found my way back to the driver’s seat… I know where I am going.

Lara Rabb, Mom, Wife, Author, Educator & Online Entrepreneur


Each week ONE piece of the process will be presented and explored:

Week 1: Daring to Show up – How to show up and begin again in a new way with new agreements and new ways. #bigboy/girlpantsrule

Week 2: Tune In and Pay attention to your most valuable resources – How to navigate all the inner and outer “moving parts” of your Life to move forward as a unified team. The good, the bad and the Fugly.

Week 3: Speak Up & Admit Your Sh*t –  Connect to what’s true inside you, learn how to speak up, to honour your voice and express it without fear, shame or being shunned (by you or others).

Week 4: Feeling Your Feels – Emotions 101 and how to trust this often judged and avoided practice. Also the place where your greatest mess can become your greatest miracle when you trust the process.

Week 5: Receive It All – A firm and loving wake up call to have you see and claiming your worth and permanently SEAL your “leaky bucket” to ensure the treasure gathered stays and grows.

Week 6: Daring to LEAP – How to create a conscious and customized achievable action plan that doesn’t kill your body or soul in the process of doing and being different in your Life.

Week 7: Daring to Shift – Want to see things differently? I’ll show you how. Once you learn this you’ll never get stuck again (or at least for very long).

and finally

Week 8: Daring to Love & Learn – The awesome sauce we pour over it all on learning how to gather and appreciate accomplishments that make the journey as rewarding as the finish line use to be!



What if you could Live, Love and Lead with

Clarity, Confidence and Courage to LIVE DARINGLY?


The value, for me, has come from, first and foremost, Keri-Anne, who is a personal testament to living daringly. She brings to the table a sharp sense of intuition and a fierce love for her clients. She creates and holds space  that allows you to safely explore and excavate that which may be holding you back or keeping you stuck. She welcomes and encourages you to know yourself on a deeper level by asking the questions and offering her wisdom.

Michelle MacIntosh, Psychology of Eating Coach & Educator


Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Certified Coach, Comedic Speaker and Creator of Daring to Suck, an 8-step guide to Bless the Mess and Trust the Process of Life, Death and all the WTF moments in between.With humour, love and a deep respect for the process of transformation, Keri-Anne teaches freedom seeking souls how to show up as the fullest, truest expression of themselves; and to let go of the outcome in order to learn, experience and grow from everything life has to offer.After almost a decade of “dark years of the soul” that shook her internal and external world upside down and blew it to smithereens, Keri-Anne discovered her true self, reinvented her life from the inside-out and blew up every obstacle that got in her way by pursuing one unconventional concept – Daring to Suck.Armed with “permission to TRY” (even if she sucked at it) Keri-Anne dared to tune in to her hearts desires, speak from this place and feel her way through new and unfamiliar experiences, taking her life from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

Her talks, coaching programs and writing serves to inspire deep engagement, reconnection, healing, self acceptance and liberation for souls seeking freedom and full expression in their life, relationships and work.


 Now I’ve got a strong foundation to build my work and life from and when I feel lost, I use these to check in and see how aligned I am with it to live my best life. With these tools, it’s easier to make clear and conscious decisions and create a life that works FOR me, not against me.
If someone wants to really deal with their stuff, create clarity and explore why they just aren’t happy or satisfied then Keri-Anne is the person to work with. Working with Keri-Anne is FUN too – she is genuine and the real deal herself.
Lisa Carpenter, Nutrition Ninja - Lisa Carpenter Coaching

I feel more connecting to myself and my awareness level is heightened with confidence in my decisions and what I am doing in life. There’s also a new sense of calm, peace and ‘knowing’ that wasn’t there before.
Keri-Anne’s passion for her work and clients shines through and it’s contagious. She is incredibly intuitive, supportive and nurturing all while challenging you to examine what’s really going on. She is also your biggest champion along the way.
Jane Stark, Entrepreneur - Jane Stark Marketing Strategist Services


What technology are you using for the live calls?
Zoom video conferencing which sends out a link with nothing to download or set up. You can use if on all smart devices with ease or on you laptop or PC.
How long will the calls be?
I’d allow anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes for the entire call. Time for the theory, discussion and questions.  Participants can hop on and off the calls with very little disruption (I control the mute) so I will leave this up to you to decide and choose how long and you can catch what you miss in the recording send out the next day (audio only).
Is the content heavy to move through?
Not at all. This is an entry level course with mostly theory and some spot coaching, nothing too intense will be delved into as we won’t have the time or space to go too deep (we do this in small 4-month program). The theory alone blows people away as if they’ve been hit with an awareness bomb so you simply showing up and listening is you NAILING this course. If you want to engage, interact, comment or share you can do this on the calls in comments. Private 1:1 sessions will be offered as an add-on option if you desire support along the way.
Are private sessions available?
Private coaching with me is not included in this price but will be offered as an add-on option should you want support or guidance as we move through the content. I will discuss this in more depth in our first call.
Do I need to show up Live?
Not at all. You can sign up just to get the theory and discussion recordings (audio only).
Is participation required on the calls or can I just listen in?
Participation is NOT mandatory – show up and lean into the theory as deep or not as you wish. This is the first layer of the work and not intended to dive too deeply into each topic (as I would in my four month private program).
Do I need to have done a lot of work on myself?
You need zero self development to benefit from these lessons. These lessons are designed to meet you exactly where you are at. I bring the trampoline and you choose how high or hard you bounce.
What can I expect if I’ve done a tonne of “self work” already?
Most of my clients have spent their life exploring self development, reading books and more and they gained tremendous insights choosing to use these steps as the “detailing” work they needed.
How will you engage with us on the live call?
Before the call I’ll send out a brief email introducing you to the primary elements of each topic to get you thinking about it as it applies to your Life and circumstances. Nothing too deep so that when you get on the call you may have some questions or areas you’d like me to cover on the call – so I will always start asking what those are.

During the theory I may ask questions of the group for you to respond using the chat text box.

After the theory I will open up the floor for more fluid discussion on anything that came up for you in terms of comments, adding to the value of the theory or questions on how to apply it in specific situations. This is where some spot coaching may occur with your permission and allowance.

We can connect during the week via email or in the DTS Facebook Group.

Does my video need to be on in the call?
No. In fact it may be best if it’s not due to bandwidth issues but the choice is yours. I’m fine with either