“I feel clearer about who I am and what I want. There’s less doubt and I’m ready to navigate the obstacles and untangle the knots I find along the way. I don’t expect walking my path to be easy but I know it’s worth it and I’m willing to lean into the challenge and learn my way through whatever arises. In fact, I want to create from ALL the ups and downs life throws at me.

Let’s do this.”

Anchor and Align Sessions

These eight self-directed coaching sessions are full of tangible training, tools, strategies and perspective shifts that serve as a powerful guide and catalyst to help you heal and grow you as you navigate Life, Loss and ALL the WTFs you encounter along the way. 

From how to create better boundaries and healthy agreements with yourself and others. to how to express yourself with courage and confidence to build a better life, relationship or conscious business that evolves and expands you and others. This is your bible and roadmap all built into one.  

Note: The DTS Foundation Sessions (VIPP) is a great pre-requisite to take before for this as the last thing you need to do is wrestle with your value or worth as you go… *click here and save if you choose to bundle both packages*

Find your FLOW with The Daring To Suck Experience…

Eight comprehensive coaching sessions that provide a step-by-step strategy and the “HOW TO” as you yourself, your relationships, and work that feels authentic and aligned to who you are and what matters most.