The 5-Day Retreat To Find Your Wholeness

In The Whole Mess Through The Art Of

Radical Self-Expression.

On Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Thursday, October 17th to Monday, October 21st 2019

*10 spots available*

A full permission experience for deep feelers, helpers and healers

to be the fullest, truest expression of themselves without fear, guilt or apology!

Facilitated by Keri-Anne Livingstone, Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach &

Radical Expressionist at Daring To Suck

What are the Radical Acceptance Retreats All About?

  • To see and celebrate YOUR truth through radical (and safe) self expression ~ to BLESS THE MESS and TRUST THE PROCESS!
  • Intimate group coaching, channelled meditations and sacred ceremony in nature to reveal, heal and reclaim your truth.
  • A TRUE and embodied experience of Sisterhood with other Empathetic Badasses committed to support and CELEBRATE all you discover. 
  • Private sessions & Group calls before and after to feel connected to yourself, each other & the wisdom of the radical acceptance process.


I’m Keri-Anne Livingstone, a Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Guide and Founder of Daring To Suck: An Empaths Guide to Navigate Life, Death And All The WTFs With Grace, Ease and Humour.

As a comedic speaker, author and healer, I facilitate the exploration, expression, and expansion of Souls who came here to SERVE. I help Empaths, Helpers and Healers reclaim their wholeness in the WHOLE MESS of understanding, radically releasing and expressing their emotions. I also live for finding the perfect GIF for every occasion and making up words as if it were a sport! 

Imagine having…


  • Sacred time and space in the elements of the Pacific Northwest to tune out the noise of the world and HEAR your voice and inner wisdom;
  • FULL PERMISSION to make (or be) a MESS in SAFE, confidential space.
  • To speak up, feel and be who and where you are without fear of hurting or upsetting others;
  • Immediate and unconditional support to process and release difficult emotions and experiences, with compassionate tools to better understand you and others;
  • TRUST in yourself to know and decide what’s best for you without guilt or explanation;
  • Strong (and healthy) boundaries and the ability to protect them with authority and kindness;
  • The confidence to say what you mean and mean what you say without obligation or pleasing;
  • Loving, supportive relationships that SERVE and CELEBRATE (vs suck the life out of you);
  • A clear connection to YOUR “built-in” navigation system and “higher” support team; with
  • Tangible tools, practices, strategies, and rituals to keep you feeling connected and clear to serve yourself and others moving forward.

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Here’s what you get…

  • TWO private 60-minute Intuitive Coaching & Clearing Session One BEFORE and AFTER the retreat.
  • 4 nights accommodation on Galiano Island, British Columbia (check-in Thursday afternoon / check-out Monday midday);
  • All meals and snacks (organic & local wherever possible) with a check-in from Keri-Anne to ensure your dietary preferences are considered;
  • Intimate and powerful group coaching, channelled healing meditations and sacred ceremonies (some in sandstone caves)
  • Fun, dynamic and liberating self-expression practices and healing rituals with individual attention and support from Keri-Anne throughout the weekend
  • Group calls BEFORE and AFTER the retreat to create the container, connect and continue the work moving forward;
  • A private FB group to support one another as you walk this path together;
  • Free time to rest, recharge your energy and integrate your A-Ha’s between sessions in the many private spaces in and outside the house (deck, hot tub, indoor sauna, outdoor shower, forest trails, beach and sandstone caves just 10 minutes from the house);
  • Topics explored include (but not limited to) worthiness, acceptance, self-expression, releasing limiting beliefs, healing the past, forgiveness work, receiving, celebration and love.

What’s on the other side of RADICAL Self Expression?


Anxiety Be Gone ~ Michelle’s Story of Radical Acceptance


“I SEE and LOVE me, perhaps, for the first time.” ~ Audra’s Story of Radical Acceptance

In the words of previous retreaters… 


Keri-Anne, the way my life is unfolding is a domino effect of what your retreat offered me – an opportunity to be my whole self, in each moment, from now on. My life in this moment is delightful and curious, a playful practice in looking forward only far enough to trust my next step.

Your retreat fed me what my soul was starving for, and reinforced the importance of something I’d long forgotten, how to nourish myself so that I may nourish others.

~Gennesse Langdon, Healing Touch Practitioner

I walked out of the retreat with a radical understanding of myself, my emotions, and my POWER. I learned I can be vulnerable. I learned I am worthy of being loved back.

I walked out with an understanding of what safety feels like, with 11 women who feel closer to family than friends. To say that this retreat changed my life seems trite and too small; this retreat changed ME, at a cellular level.

The fundamental shift I feel within is small but mighty. I know doubtlessly that I will continue to see blooms from the seeds planted within me from this experience.

~Ellen, Body Love Advocate and Social Justice Activist

Keri-Anne is a crone before her time. The connection she has with our earth and the spirit realm is deeply felt as she leads her meditations.

She’s the real deal in a sea of bullshit.

~Jill Prescott, The Spiritual Badass, Author and Intuitive Healer

The five days with Keri-Anne and the group of women who attended with me was magical, full of love, acceptance, safety, humour, with FULL permission to be me. This was an opportunity to really show up for Me and make this experience count. So I did. I embraced and stepped into ALL aspects of me, unapologetically. Something inside of me said I could completely trust in the process. Through tears, laughter, anger and SO many more emotions, This experience opened me up to a new sense of myself that has a lot less fear and moves through life OUT LOUD and ON PURPOSE. And that is something I don’t think I can ever thank Keri-Anne enough for ~ my life has well and truly been changed.

~Michelle Mc, Helper and Healer

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How can I see if this is for me?

Thursday: Arrival and Opening Circle

You arrive in the late afternoon and get settled. We begin with an opening circle to set intentions for yourself and each other to create the container for safe and sacred exploration, expression and expansion!

Friday: Unpack Your (Heavy) Bags 
You’ll explore and express the energies, emotions and experiences that weigh you down, hold you back and get in your way of being the truest and happiest version of yourself.

Saturday: Explore (and Express) The Seat of Your SOUL (and all it’s badassery!)
You’ll be given an opportunity to explore the intention and express of your highest self and to access your highest wisdom on the elements that hold you back.

Sunday: Reclaim & Redesign Ceremony
The day will be in preparation to clean house and redesign agreements with yourself, your life, relationships and work to support and serve your highest good.

Monday: The Closing Commitment Ceremony of Radical Acceptance
To close the weekend together, we’ll honour what was learned about yourself and celebrate the support given and received. Commitments will be declared and shared to be followed up in the final group call a month later to share updates and celebrate our accomplishments since the retreat.

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A bit about me…

Keri-Anne Livingstone, Radical Expressionist, and Daring Guide

I am a comedic speaker, emotional empowerment coach and Intuitive Healer who facilitates the exploration, expression and expansion of Souls who came here to SERVE! 

It’s my greatest joy to free women in the understanding, release and full expression of their emotions to find wholeness in the whole mess

I work alongside Empaths, Helpers and Healers to live, love and lead more daringly via online trainings, group coaching programs and private mentoring to get their gifts into the world with more ease, confidence and conviction.

Through my Facebook Community and Live Facebook show Daring to Suck, I live to bring raw, real and radical conversations the the forefront helping humans navigate Life, Death and all the WTFs with ease and humour.

My side soul mission is to find the perfect GIF for every occasion, I make up words on the fly and often blurt out mantras like “Bless the Mess and Trust the Process” before I know they’ve left my face.

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