How to go from unclear to UNSTOPPABLE! 

(and tell doubt and fear to hit the bricks)

Welcome to V.I.P.P (Values, Impact, Passion & Purpose) Master Class Series

Welcome to the V.I.P.P Master Classes where you’ll discover: 

  • Your unique set of values and how they drive every element of our internal AND external experience;
  • The impact you have and seek to have in your life, relationships and work you put out into the world;
  • How simple the process of discovering your “thing” actually is; and
  • Your unique Life Purpose Statement that fast track you to fulfillment and being aligned with your truest self!

Jam-packed with theory and REAL LIFE examples to help YOU find YOUR unique answers, each class takes you on an entertaining and expansive journey to the motherboard of your internal navigation system for you to never unknown the brilliant truth again.


You are a force of nature.

Isn’t it about time you knew it… like in your bones?

What YOU need:

1) An open mind, heart and willingness to consider what the content means for you;
2) Something to write WITH and ON to collect your take aways and discoveries; and
3) Headphones (if little ears are around – I am known for the odd curse here and there).

 Let’s get started….

Master Class #1 VALUES

Master Class #2 IMPACT 




Master Class #3 PASSION


Master Class #4 PURPOSE



What next?

Tell me…

What did each class give you? What’s here now that wasn’t before? 

Thank you for allowing me into your life to support and expand you and your incredible MOJO into the world!

I’d love to hear about your experience at my website, Facebook page or in my Empathetic Badass Community.

Much love in daring,

Keri-Anne Livingstone, CPCC

Certified Coach | Speaker | Author-in-Progress

Founder of Daring to Suck, and 8 step guide to navigate Life, Death and all the WTF’s in between with more ease, grace and a whole lot of humour!