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Welcome to HumanAF, the podcast delving into the depths of the human experience. I’m your host, Keri-Anne Livingstone, a certified Clarity Coach and trauma healing specialist with a unique talent for revealing the light, levity, and humour in even the deepest explorations. In each episode, you’ll journey into the uncharted territories of what it means to be human for you to discover what lies beneath the surface story, explore what feels true and expand beyond your known limits.


Welcome to HumanAF, where humans help humans through unfiltered exploration of what the fuck we’re doing here.

EPISODE 5: Broken Open: Life After Infant Loss with Stephanie Kennedy (Part 1)

EPISODE 2: The Empath’s Story

Questions explored: What does it mean to be N.I.C.E? Were Empaths born to be sacrificed? As Empaths, what are our responsibilities, our purpose? During a...

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