Imagine knowing exactly what you want for your life and why, with a plan to make it happen.

Create a vision that inspires ACTION and attracts AWESOME. 

Why? Because being motivated by pain and problems feels like crap.

There IS another way..

Living The Dream Workshop

Saturday, March 7th 2015 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM to explore, discover and plan;


Launch Your Life Release Party (optional)

Friday, March 13th 6pm – 9pm to complete, create and celebrate!

Where: 290-3561 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC


Hopes, wishes and ideas are great BUT without exploration, connection or conscious action –  they turn into a hot mess of disappointment and frustration… fast.

DON'T BE PUSHED BY YOUR PROBLEMS.BE LEDWhen was the last time you connected to your dreams?

If you are drawing a blank, you are not alone as I’ve been there too. If the thought of dreaming makes you squirm, this is the PERFECT place for you (more in the FAQs on this below).

This workshop helps you…

Create (from scratch) a vision for your life that comes ALIVE through powerful words, images, colours, feelings and meaningful action steps that inspire and connect you to your TRUE SELF.

Takes you from airy-fairy daydreaming to actually making “shift”  happen in your life and the world. Yes, your dreams are that powerful.

Establish a new relationship with the dreaming process that opens you up to living and where life get’s, well… pretty damn exciting!

Consciously connect to what you want through an authentically designed vision board which then becomes a transformative tool to align with and filter your decisions and choices through – all while drawing more good to your life like a magnet (also known as the Law of Attraction).

Upon completing this workshop,

you will leave with the following:

  • Awareness out the ying-yang on where you are today, where you want to go tomorrow and WHY;
  • A conscious commitment and solid strategy to get you there;
  • Inspiration, a renewed sense of drive that pulls you forward with nervous excitement leaning into what’s possible;
  • A beautiful and dynamic vision board (electronic or hard copy) that lights you up every time you see it;
  • A structured practice around how to use your vision board daily to keep the good vibes coming and meaningful change into your life; and
  • New friendships, deep connections, loving support and tangible accountability to keep you engaged in the pursuit of your life.

The package includes:

  • The Daring to Suck Reality Check Assessment (PDF and Video) because to know where you are going, we must first explore and acknowledge where you are today. This is your pre-work, a practical, step-by-step guide to help you get clear and make sense of your “right now”. This becomes your starting point – the foundation and launching pad to the life of your dreams.
  • The Living The Dream (Full Day) Vision Board Workshop held on Saturday March 7th from 9AM to 5pm where we begin at your starting point and begin a new relationship with dreaming. As a group we explore and discover the ultimate vision for your life and convert your ideas, goals, wishes, hopes and dreams into clear and compelling steps forward. This day is a combination of deep and meaningful discussion, powerful coaching and life changing a-ha moments with time, space and support to get creative in designing a Kick-Ass Vision Board (supplies provided) filled with inspiration and passion! Because when you know why you want something, the HOW becomes much easier to figure out. 
  • The Launch Your Life “Release” Party (Half Day & Optional) held a week later on Friday, March 13th from 6pm – 9pm (as more time is always requested to allow what arises from the workshop to “perculate”). This is a casual evening  that brings a social and celebratory experience to make the beautiful finishing touches to your vision board and reconnect with your fellow dreamers on your latest discoveries. There will be an opportunity to present, share and celebrate your vision with the group, however this is not mandatory. Expect music, yummy food and lots of laughs.
  • A private one-on-one 30 minute coaching session with me to help you get laser-focussed on where you want to take this vision and blow up any limiting beliefs or roadblocks getting in your way.
  • Access to Living The Dream Facebook Group where the support is strong and dreaming comes alive as we celebrate and check-in on our efforts and experiences.
  • A *Live* Group Coaching Call (date to be determined)  to follow up, check in, celebrate progress, discuss issues/roadblocks and any other glorious topics that arise.

Cost for the full 1.5 Day Package is $147.00 CAD or $97.00 CAD (without the Friday evening) with a maximum of 12 attendees. (PayPal link below). Note the location for both the Saturday workshop and Friday evening is in Unit 290 – 3651 Moncton Street (Steveston Acupuncture Clinic)

I had been waiting for a group situation to create a vision board together and that day, I feel like my life took a huge turn the day I took your course.  I normally would have focussed on putting down things or stuff I wanted but I’m now driven towards how I want to FEEL. I came away with a deep sense of self awareness that allows myself the chance to think in a different way and it’s evolving every day. I am open to the possibilities and notice how I feel as I go. I’m ready to make big changes which is scary and new but also super exiting at the same time.



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At first I thought it might be too “woo-woo” but it wasn’t at ALL! I loved the practical application and was happily surprised to see all the coaching exercises and lessons that we learned through them.I’m now putting the law of attraction into action by marinating on thefeelings and seeking out where they exist and loosening my attaching to the outcome. My dreams are no longer limited and that gives me so much more confidence in my work and life. I look at my vision board everyday and pic pieces of it to focus on which has been awesome. I could spend so many more hours learning from you. Just keep doing you. You are awesome, hilarious, insightful and so real. Everything I love in a human.
Summer Innanen, Nutritionist and Body Image Coach

To have all my thoughts and dreams together in words and pictures is amazing! I’ve finally allowed myself to start dreaming and instead of feeling heavy and wondering when will things change, I hear myself saying “This could ACTUALLY happen!” which is so fun. It just made my whole way of thinking change and it has me so excited for what’s next. I’ve got permission to dream and that feels so good. I’m just so open to the possibilities now and am paying attention for the next thing I want to go after. I love that it has the essence of what I want for my life and THAT is what’s most exciting for me.


What if I don’t have any dreams or a vision, can this process help me find them?

Yes!! I never used to dream and now I can’t stop! This workshop is perfect for you because I take you from where you are today (no trying to make it all pretty and good)  to discover where you want to be. Hint: One way to find out what you want is to declare what you hate and what pisses you off! Good news eh?

Is this an old-school vision board or can I do an electronic version?

The answer is both. There are lots of ways to create a compelling vision board. Here are the options you can choose from (and I’m sure there are others):

  • The classic hardcopy board you hang on your wall (paper, glue, magazines, pictures, scissors)
  • Electronic document with of images ‘cut and pasted’ from the internet which can then be applied in a multitude of ways:
    • E-document you can get professionally printed (at Kinkos)
    • Slideshow with music on your PC in individual images
    • Youtube video to music that you play daily
    • Private or Public Pinterest board
    • Wallpaper or screensaver on your PC or mobile device
    • A board you create using one of the many vision board / pic collage apps
How can I come prepared to create an e-vision board?

Bring your laptop and I will have the wireless access for you to explore the internet to find your words, colours and images.

How can I come prepared to create a classic vision board?

I will have some supplies and encourage you to bring as much as possible. Scissors, glue, markers, magazines and the cut / size of paper you want. I will have a limited assortment of each but for you to make this the experience and end-product you really want, I suggest you bring your personal preferences from home if possible.

Will be able to print images in the office from your printer?

Unfortunately no, the printer I use is basic and the demand on the ink cartridges would most likely overwhelm it (and me in terms of connecting you to it also). Im not tech savvy by any means.

Do I have to attend both the Saturday and Friday events?

No. If you choose to attend the Saturday full day workshop and not the Friday evening, you still get the other items offered at a reduced price of $97.00 CAD.

If I havent answered any questions you have, please contact me at here (info@keriannelivingstone.com) and I will respond ASAP.

After years of feeling so stuck, I’ve finally started dreaming and feel unstoppable now. I took action and it actually felt FREEING. It’s been emotional but I know I’m on the right path. I see a lot of amazing things coming up for me now and that I’ve discovered the way I want to live.

This is not something I would have done on my own. I needed the dedicated time and space outside my own house and to hear others discuss their dreams inspired me to take mine further than I would have done by myself. It really took me deeper into the processes, got me thinking and seeing where I hold myself back. Once I gave myself permission to turn my imagination, creativity and fun back “on” it felt like I had reconnected a limb that was been missing for too long. Now I’m finally connected to the power of my imagination and the possibilities, which brings a whole new layer to my life outside of my business dreams
Lisa Carpenter, Nutritional Ninja, Empowerment Expert, Coach and Speaker


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