The Live Daringly Sessions

Where everything that isn't you, falls away


* Applications OPEN for next round starting May 2017 *




“The Live Daringly Sessions  dare to go places that most group programs don’t. It goes beyond the surface stuff and dives deep into where you are, where you’ve been and where you see yourself headed.”

4 Women. 4 Months.

Forever Changed.

With me as your guide, together we explore the self discovery process of Daring to Suck, a revolutionary way of living from the inside-out, where you learn to Tune In to the core of who you are (to finally KNOW your brilliance), Speak Up from this place to express yourself confidently; and to Come ALIVE in your life, relationships, work and in the world.

Let’s have you experience the most rewarding relationship you’ve ever been in ~ the one with yourself.


  • Feeling SO clear, confident and convicted about who you are, what you want and where you are going;
  • Trusting yourself to make decisions that feel right and true for you (and to know what that feels like);
  • KNOWING your value – to never unknown again. To embrace your unique gifts and frequency that only you have;
  • Experiencing FREEDOM and at PEACE to live true to you in every situation, relationship and experience;
  • Not tolerating or feeling victimized in your life by putting others needs and expectations before yours;
  • No longer caring about what others thought first (aka giving ZERO f*cks and NOT feeling bad about it);
  • Creating a life lived YOUR WAY, because YOU are your path.

This program is ideal if you…

  • Life is “happening” (or happened) and you stand at a crossroads, curious to discover who you are…now; and where you want to go from here (wherever that is).
  • Want to be gain a deeper sense of who you are so you can navigate all that life presents, feeling more aligned and connected to yourself than ever before.
  • Have done the theory around self development but still feel hesitant putting your “stake in the ground” towards being your full self, unapologetically.
  • Want tangible tools that dig deep to take REAL action towards creating a life, job or business that reflects everything you are on the inside.
  • Seek to make decisions confidently, knowing you can trust yourself, your emotions, intuition, values and sense of purpose, no matter what.
  • Are ready to take what you know about yourself to live open-hearted and unapologetically free having made peace with the “stuff” that held you back until now.
  • Know it’s time to stop ignoring your gut to create a life, find work or launch a purposeful business that brings the best of you and your purpose into the world.

“I would describe The Live Daringly Sessions as a liberating, soul-searching experience. It is a program that offers the unique experience of being coached individually and in a group setting helping you to uncover and discover how to live your live more on purpose. Each week we speak about a different way to live daringly in our lives and are given profound insights and tools to move forward in the direction of living more daringly and living on purpose.”


I know I’m a powerful coach but the REAL MOJO and MAGIC is in the group.

Yes, the individual coaching sessions will give you the customized attention and strategy but the biggest miracles happen when we witness and honour each others discoveries.

  • You are seen, heard and valued while offering the same to them.
  • Their story heals you in some way and yours, them. 
  • The connection in sharing is felt, received and reciprocated. 
  • Bonds are created and transformation shared that change the group as a whole.

Yes, you are THAT powerful. And so are they. It’s incredible!

Because they open up things you didn’t know were there either. You become the most unexpected gifts to each other because walls get torn down for meaningful connections to be made.

You are not alone anymore. And it’s amazing.


I gained tremendous value from being a part of a small group and getting to know each individual’s journey. We are never meant to walk alone and moving through this with others in such an intimate setting, made it that much more powerful. Getting coached is valuable but listening to others being coached  let me see and experience things through another’s eyes.”


A HUGE part of this process is learning to receive not just from others, but from yourself. Imagine being held and deeply appreciated by fellow deep-feeling, open hearted souls who also have “loving people with all they have” as their primary super power?! Where you are valued, honoured, listened to and cared for – just as you are.

What would it be like to receive the very magic you give others?

This, is a game changer all on it’s own.

The value, for me, first and foremost comes from Keri-Anne who is a personal testament to living daringly. She brings a sharp sense of intuition and a fierce love for her clients. She creates and holds space for each of us in the group and in our individual sessions allows us to safely explore and excavate what’s holding us back or keeping us stuck. She welcomes and encourages me to know myself on a deeper level by asking the questions and offering her wisdom.” 


The first thing we do is build a solid container together. It’s not about ME setting out a list of rules to adhere to. This is where YOU decide what you need and want to experience – and then tell me and each other. You get a voice, you are heard and your needs are valued and respected. As a group we create the “rules” of engagement and how we want the four months to feel. I facilitate and guide this process however, it’s your job as individuals to maintain the integrity and respect for yourself and each other along the way.


Each call you are invited into the indulgent opportunity to experiment in safety, play and break free from the limiting rules and patterns that hold you back from being your true self. To blow up old patterns and liming beliefs you’ve held on for far to long. This is where you get to lean in and actually experience who you are when you do what you want to do, say what you want to say and be how you want to be! To actually LET GO and LIVE.

To then take the learning from each call into the real world and see real change happen in your life. Each week you’ll building on these skills, increasing your awareness and confidence to integrate them into your new way of living.

This is where practice makes progress.

“Keri-Anne tunes in wholeheartedly and intuitively with the ability to “see” and hear things that you can’t. She asks questions and lovingly guides you through the process of allowing and experiencing what shows up. She moves you through it to live life more fully. She’s funny, loving, powerful and she’s safe. I gained so much from being coached by her and from being in this program.”


8 x 2hr Hour Live Group Calls  every second Wednesdays (4 hrs/month)

8  Audio Lessons for the theory behind each step (with related worksheet) delivered prior to the call to help you focus what you’d like to receive coaching on in the call.

3 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions (scheduled at the beginning, midway point and end of the 4 months) where you and I go deep into who you are, what you want and how to get you and your dreams moving alongside the beautiful moving parts of your life.

A circle of trust, support and vulnerability in the calls and private Facebook Group where you can post your discoveries, share your experiences, and express what you are experiencing while giving and receiving unconditional support as we all walk along side each other.

Access to my individual support via text, email or messenger to ask quick questions, get a boost or insight to help you as you go.

A kaleidoscope of inspirational resources (books, videos, documentaries and relevant articles) delivered along the way to keep you feeling connected and moving forward .


*Calls are every second Wednesday starting

Wednesday May 3rd – August  9th 2017

with just FOUR spots available in each time slot: 


3:00pm PST – 5:30pm PST ideal for East Coasters

 6:00pm PST – 8:30pm PST ideal for West Coasters

CALL 1: Introductions & Trust Agreement – We build the container and lay the foundation.

CALL 2: Daring to Tune In – Discover all the moving parts of who you are and what your life is inviting you to explore.

CALL 3Daring to Speak Up – Explore how to express your truth with ease and confidence.

CALL 4Daring to Feel – Create a relationship with emotions that serves and strengthens you.

CALL 5Daring to Receive – Open up to all that’s showing up for you and ways to get your needs met.

CALL 6Daring to Shift – Expand your viewpoint to keep you moving and motivated as we go.

CALL 7Daring to Leap – Take conscious action and make powerful decisions with awareness and confidence.

CALL 8Daring to Love, Live and Learn – Celebrate the accomplishments, the learning and practice of self love you’ve learned as you live FREE, FEARLESS and DARIG TO SUCK!

Over 19 hours of live coaching for a

Total Investment is $1400.00 CAD or 

Payment Plan of $350.00 CAD / month.




IMG_0357To ensure this experience is the best fit possible I’d love to learn a bit more about who you are, what brings you to be curious about this process. This is intimate and meaningful work, therefore the process to join should be too.

  1. Click to submit your application HERE for me to learn more about you and what you are hoping to experience over the four months.
  2. Upon submission you’ll receive a link to book a free discovery call to see what these steps can do for you and your one, precious life.


I look forward to meeting you soon!

Much love in daring,

x Keri-Anne