Tuesday, October 18th at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST 

A free and interactive LIVE call to help you identify, integrate and master the most powerful soul guidance system you possess – YOUR INTUITION.

What you will get in the call:

√   Clarity on what intuition is (and isn’t) and it’s role in can play

√   The solid distinction between Intuition and Fear

√   Confidence in how to see it and use it in all areas of your Life

√   Insight into how it may be trying to get your attention (in ways you didn’t expect or consider)

√   Strategies that strengthen your built-in superpower (without sounding or looking like a lunatic)

*Note this call is NOT about getting tips / strategies to develop your psychic abilities. 

By applying the teachings your life will change…

  • a strategy on how to use it, play with it and trust where it takes you.

  • How to distinguish the difference between fear (life conditioning – our baggage) and intuition

  • an inner confidence and freedom to play and explore without attachment to outcome

  • a new relationship with yourself that provides more support, more guidance and more impact than you ever realized was possible

  • a sense of excitement about what’s possible when you take these steps and strategies into your life

With this information

  • Life makes more sense and gets a whole lot easier to move through

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Your Guide and Empathetic Badass

IMG_0333Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Certified Coach, Comedic Speaker and Creator of Daring to Suck, an 8-step guide to Bless the Mess and Trust the Process of Life, Death and all the WTF moments in between.

With humour, love and a deep respect for the process of transformation, Keri-Anne teaches freedom seeking souls how to show up as the fullest, truest expression of themselves; and to let go of the outcome in order to learn, experience and grow from everything life has to offer.

After almost a decade of “dark years of the soul” that shook her internal and external world upside down and blew it to smithereens, Keri-Anne discovered her true self, reinvented her life from the inside-out and blew up every obstacle that got in her way by pursuing one unconventional concept – Daring to Suck.

Armed with “permission to TRY” (even if she sucked at it) Keri-Anne dared to tune in to her hearts desires, speak from this place and feel her way through new and unfamiliar experiences, taking her life from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

Her talks, coaching programs and writing serves to inspire deep engagement, reconnection, healing, self acceptance and liberation for souls seeking freedom and full expression in their life, relationships and work.

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