Welcome to Integration Work:

One on One Soul Sessions where together we:

Reveal conflicting emotional energy you’ve been carrying for way too long (in  sacred and safe space)

Release your entanglement from the frustrating and unhealthy patterns you are D-O-N-E with;

Reconnect to receive the Divine wisdom and guidance of your soul as it informs, intuits and instructs you moving forward;

Reclaim and ‘welcome home’ parts of you left behind and eager to be received by the whole that’s in you.

Reinvent YOU moving forward. Free and empowered with more tools and insight to light the way.

How do you know you are ready for this work?

The desire to show up more fully expressed (and unapologetic) in your life, relationships and work is getting stronger;

You have ideas (old and new) with a longing to contribute on a deeper level but can’t with all the inner “clutter” in the way;

The blocks, barriers, beliefs and bullshit keep showing up and you are D-O-N-E;

You’re opening up to and curious about spirituality; and yearn to have a deeper, soul-level experience of yourself;

You’re a watered-down version of yourself and wonder if maybe it’s you that’s the problem. That on some level you are fundamentally broken and unfixable. That all the books, webinars, courses and documentaries help in the moment but nothing lasts long term.

What IS this work?

Intuitive House Cleaner. Soul Advocate and Interpreter. Emotions Whisperer. 

A few descriptions of how I help support the empaths, deep feelers, helpers and healers

I support to stop the inner conflict, self-doubt and head/heart tug-o-war.



Who is this call ideal for? 

The open-hearted caregivers of the world ~ Moms, Coaches, Healers, Support Workers, and Open-Hearted Empaths whose function it is to heal and support others in this life. I am honoured to help YOU feel unburdened, clear and supported to bring your gifts into the world and for you to always feel clear and connected to yourself on all levels. 

If you are ready to clear some energetic clutter and create a new, more loving and compassionate connection with yourself on the deepest level possible, let’s do this.

Here is what others say about this transformative call:

I was hesitant about opening up, but Keri-Anne was amazing and was able to put me at ease, right away! So I was able to burst out with one of the most deep challenging issues I had. It was great and scary at the same time! It was like I was talking to a trusted friend, someone I could really open up to and I noticed that by digging deeper I see the real me and where I show up.

Keri-Anne is a compassionate and loving ‘space holder’ who is gifted in guiding people through deeply rooted emotions, fears, and the “scary bits”. She allows people to look at these things in ways that make them approachable and manageable. I can easily eqate it to brush fires that burn off old growth in order to make light and nutrients for new things to grow. Amazing.

I appreciate the safe and wonderful space Keri-Anne creates. She allowed me to be exactly who I am at any given moment, be it ANY member of my inner crew who showed up. She honours feelings and tears in a way that has always made these things respected and worthwhile. I am deeply grateful in SO many ways!

I was able to express and released a lot of pent up emotional energy. I was pleasantly surprised by the relief and lightness that I felt after she guided me through articulating, admitting, and expressing all of the things that I was trying to sort out.

I really appreciate her honesty and effective listening because it allowed me to go to a deeper place with each level of depth. Her presence is exudes sisterly love, acceptance, welcoming warmth, and a peace with understanding. She shows up! She has the patience to sit with someone and gives them the space to honour where they are at as well as holding accountability

Keri-Anne is amazing! Very supportive and intuitive. I liked that she gave me space to breath and feel and connect with myself. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, and I was a bit hesitant. But the session turned out to be great, She took me through it in a fun and caring way. I really appreciated that.

I felt immediately safe, encouraged and FREE to just see whatever the heck came up. I was curious. I loved what we designed up front. Then I just felt like I was in the hands of someone who knew what I needed. EXACTLY what I needed. And I felt honoured. Not stepped over. I felt like she was there, honouring me and all my messy bits. It was cool! Oh and I had a ton of fun doing it all.

Keri-Anne is an intuitive genius and knew what I needed. She makes what could be a raw and uncomfortable process fun and made me really curious. She also makes it safe to explore the darkest bits. And has some serious wisdom to back it up.

I appreciate her balance of “objectivity” (actually non-judgment is a better word), and warmth she brings. I need a clear reflection – but I don’t want to talk to a robot. The work is intimate and vulnerable – it requires a container that is both strong and loving. I also value her insight and ability to concisely direct me in the process – a balance of intellect and intuition.

Afterward I felt stronger and excited! I felt like I had a more solid footing in life and that I could conquer more than I had before. I now have an awareness of a part of me that I’ve always been searching for and THAT is amazing to me!

I felt seen, acknowledged and held. I noticed that Keri-Anne had an incredible intuition about what I was thinking and feeling. She gave me space to feel what I was feeling and dug deep where she needed to. I was surprised that something I had made light of for years in my life was something that was at the core of my fears. It surprised me to meet a part of me that is pretty fricking cool!

Keri-Anne put words to things that are sometimes hard to put words to and holds space for people to explore the parts of themselves that have been either ignored or forgotten about. She is intuitive and affirming. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to dig deeper and get to the core of what may be holding them back.

KA is extremely intuitive. She knows how to take a person below the surface of what is taking place to explore the subconscious beliefs that drive illusionary thinking/behaviours. She is incredibly caring and gifted in holding space while one moves through their process. She is also assertive while being empathetic.

Sessions with KA is like a beautiful dance; she knows exactly when and where to guide you in discovering your next step. Her written follow up recapped the highlights of our conversation. She knows exactly what nuggets to pass on after a session.

It was a beautiful and unexpected process and I’m so grateful that it happened.

Integration Sessions Include

* 1 x 30 minute Intuitive Integration Session with me;

* ONE powerful action item to lock in your learning and forward your momentum which you will be help accountable for;

* A week of audio support via Voxer (voice messaging application) 

Your total investment is $197.00 USD




Once payment is received you will receive an email to book your session with a few questions to prepare you for your call.