EPISODE 1: Learning Life Lessons and Self-Help Burnout with Michelle MacIntosh

Questions explored:

  • Is it me… am I the drama?
  • How can I learn what I came here to learn, without burning myself out in the process?
  • Is there such a thing as personal development or healing burnout?
  • How else can we approach learning lessons without getting stuck in a victim mindset?
  • Why do the lessons and the learning have to come in such hard packages?

“I get we are here to learn but enough already with the lessons. I’m ready for the good part.” If you feel this then stick around as we explore the topic of learning and the toll it can take on seekers of truth, freedom and healing – it packs a punch. But does it have to and how do we make this learning process easier than it feels some days? And how? Enjoy some real talk about WTF we are doing here as we peel back and untangle some layers about why we learn the way we do and how we can learn in a way that doesn’t end us up in total burnout.

Who better to explore the process of learning in this life than with my dear friend, Michelle McIntosh, a Certified Orton-Gillinham Practitioner and Executive Function Coach who spends her days diving into the deep end of the learning process to clear the path inside and out for neurodiverse learners. The irony that her purpose on the planet is to literally support and guide humans through all the different ways we can learn, and yet she wanted to explore the very REAL burnout experience and soul-level exhaustion that can come from self-discovery, spirituality, healing your shadow, and personal development “work”.

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