This LIVE 90 minute coaching workshop will include:


√   A mixture of theory, discussion and REAL LIFE exercises to help you “find your feet” and start navigating this MESSY AF topic with more clarity, confidence and conviction;


√ The end of self-blame, shame and gas lighting with a new and revolutionary perspective and understanding for Empaths, Deep Feelers, Helpers and Healers on why creating boundaries is (and has been) so sticky and confusing;


√ A more truthful blueprint that frees the open-hearted to be fully expressed, create and live without sacrificing themselves or suffering by the expectations and emotions of others;


√ More peace and permission in the process with tangible steps, humorous reality checks, tips, tools and resources to finally figure this out once and for all!



This workshop is IDEAL if you’re:


♦ DONE being slimed by negative people who track their muddy shoes across your carpet without consequence. #TimesUp


♦ READY to reclaim your time and space to create, speak your truth and be happier  #IGetTo


♦ TIRED of being manipulated and intimidated by the upset of others, being called “difficult” or treated like the worse human ever for wanting things. #DrawTheLine


♦ NO LONGER WILLING to be the target of others guilt, shame and blame for wanting what you want. #I’mRubberYourGlue #EnoughIsEnough


♦ Wanting tangible, real-life strategies to express your truth in a way that respects you and others at the same time. #DoNoHarm #WinWin



4The value, for me, has come from, first and foremost, Keri-Anne, who is a personal testament to living daringly. She brings to the table a sharp sense of intuition and a fierce love for her clients. She creates and holds space  that allows you to safely explore and excavate that which may be holding you back or keeping you stuck. She welcomes and encourages you to know yourself on a deeper level by asking the questions and offering her wisdom.

~ Michelle MacIntosh, Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach

Keri-Anne’s an amazing coach and witness. She articulates things that are hard to describe and holds space for people to explore the parts of them self they’ve ignored or forgotten. She’s intuitive, affirming and I would highly recommend her process to anyone who is looking to dig deep and get to the core of what is holding them back.

~ Treasured Client

A bit about me…

Keri-Anne Livingstone, Radical Expressionist and Daring Guide

I am a comedic speaker, emotional empowerment coach and Intuitive Healer who facilitates the exploration, expression and expansion of Souls who came here to SERVE! 

It’s my greatest joy to free women in the understanding, release and full expression of their emotions to find wholeness in the whole mess, 

I work alongside Empaths, Helpers and Healers to live, love and lead more daringly via online trainings, group coaching programs, Radical Acceptance Retreats and private 1:1 mentoring to get their gifts into the world with more ease, confidence and conviction.

Through my Facebook Community and FB Live Facebook show Daring to Suck, I live to bring raw, real and radical conversations the the forefront helping humans navigate Life, Death and all the WTFs with ease and humour.

My side mission is to find the perfect GIF for every occasion, make up words on the fly and blurt out mantras like “Bless the Mess and Trust the Process” before I know they’ve left my face.