To Explore, Express and EXPAND this very human experience.

Welcome to Daring to Suck TV – Episode ONE!

After the above broadcast in my Empathetic Badass Community  I had an idea…


I know I’m here to help myself and others explore, express and expand who and what we are as we navigate Life, Death and ALL the WTF moments deliver along the way. I use Daring to Suck to do this AND there are so many other ways (and wisdoms) to consider as we travel!

What DTS TV is about?

  • REAL, RAW and RADICAL conversation around The WHOLE Human Experience;
  • Learning from EDGE WALKERS who have one foot in this very human experience; and one foot in another freaking dimension – the ones with the flames still burning hot on them as they report back from the front lines of change in this world;
  • Shining light and humour through topics that include the joy and pain of living, unsettling emotions, facing adversity, advocacy, spirituality, intuition, creativity, miracles, the unexplained and benevolent forces that apparently are behind this whole Life ‘gig’;
  • Sharing ideas, perspectives, experiences and opinions with curiosity, openness and a willingness to “try things on” and be stretched;
  • Big, deep and transformative conversations not often talked about across the dinner table;
  • Demonstrating compassion, grace and humour amongst the beautiful mess we are asked to navigate (because let’s face it, Life is fucking ridiculous).
  • Deeply personal, profession (and always) authentic self expression with a high probability of adult language. *Headphones may be helpful if little ears are around*; and
  • Most importantly these episodes are meant to feel HUMAN and ACCESSIBLE.

So, how HUMAN are YOU willing to be while you are here?

Find out in the episodes that follow… and thank you for joining me in this!

Much love in daring, Keri-Anne

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Upcoming Episodes

Episode 2 - Chris Dierkes, Soul Interpreter

*Nothing like coming straight out the gate with an  “adjusting my boobs” joke (referring to the time I did that in Episode 1) not knowing we were in fact live already. I’d cut it if it weren’t so damn authentic. Enjoy the ridiculousness!

April 10, 2017 at 12:00PM PST

Where: Daring to Suck Facebook Page


If the human experience was compared to riding a roller coaster, working with Chris gives me the trust and faith to sit more FULLY in the seat with a willingness to take every moment in with curiosity, lightness and humour. He’s helped me understand the nature and personality of my soul and I can’t wait to share his wisdom with YOU!

His gentle nature, compassionate approach and transparency as being human (while also holding down some seriously spiritual street cred) Chris facilitates the surrender into the “unveiling” process with safety and support; but also doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to exploring the journey of our soul .

References made in show: 

Chris’s Website

My Group Program

Episode 3 - Jill Prescott, Spiritual Badass

Jill Prescott is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, published author, hypnotherapist, HI Coach, gifted intuitive and energy healer.

Her best selling book, No More Fucking Secrets, guides women through trauma to freedom with Love. She believes that each of us have all the answers within and helping people open the channels to accessing this inner wisdom is one of her specialties.


Watch Jill’s incredible Tedx Talk HERE and share!

Episode 4 - Crystal Lee Quibell, Magical Memoirist

Crystal-lee Quibell is an author, freelancer and host of Literary Speaking, the podcast for aspiring writers. She’s a memoir junkie with a serious addiction to chocolate, cheese boards and all things vintage and spooky. A proud feminist and perpetual student of publishing. She resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband, three children and two adorable dogs. You can read her latest essay in the book anthology, The Magic of Memoir – Inspiration for the Writers Journey.


Episode 5 - Kate Marolt, Energy Sovereigntist

Kate Marolt, founder of Unbound Living, is a transformational embodiment coach, teacher, and artist who guides women to becoming the most magical, badass versions of themselves through mastering their energy, transforming their relationships with their bodies, and exquisite self-care.

She believes that when a woman feels deeply connected and wildly nourished she is able to step into sovereignty- where she is the master of her life and the heroine of her own story. In this place, we are fully embodying Unbound Living- where we feel joyful, powerful, inspired, free, and so, SO alive every single day.

When: Monday May 1st 2017 at NOON PST LIVE

Where: Daring to Suck Facebook Page



Episode 6 - Tara Caffelle, Coach & Loving Grief Guide

When: Monday, May 8th at NOON PST (LIVE BROADCAST)

Where: Daring to Suck Facebook Page

What: Tara Caffelle is a coach, speaker and writer specializing in the grief of middle life and its shadow on relationships and full life-ness. She is the author of Grief: A Love Story (due out Spring 2018) and the host of a podcast by the same name, launching in June of 2017.


Episode 7 - #REALTALK on Feeling Responsible vs. BEING Responsible

When: Monday, May 15th at NOON PST (LIVE BROADCAST)

What: I invite real people to help untangle and undo the BS around FEELING responsible vs. BEING responsible. You’re NOT going to want to miss this very REAL conversation!

Episode 8 - Shari Teigman, Creative Instigator & Alchemist

Where: Daring to Suck Facebook Page

What: Shari is a free rebel spirit, chief instigator of change, unconventional coach &  creative business strategist with a passion for living life as colorfully as possible.


Episode - Ellen Ercolini, Frequency Strategist


Episode 10 - #HOTSEAT on How to create boundaries as a deep feeler & empath with Lucienne Kleisen

When: Monday, June 12th at NOON PST (LIVE BROADCAST)

For more info on her Body & Age Positive Movement on Facebook visit

Episode 11 on The Call for Vulnerable Leaders with Andrea Ranae Johnson, Radical & Loving Truth Teller

When: Monday, June 19th 2017 at NOON PST LIVE

Where: Daring to Suck Facebook Page

What: Andrea believes its ALL about the inner work and community building required to create change in our lives and community. She champions unlearning internalized oppression. practicing resilience, care + love (collectively & individually). radical truth telling. owning and sharing y(our) power. envisioning liberation.