Tuesday, October 18th at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST 


Join this (free) LIVE and INTERACTIVE call to help access, integrate and strengthen the most powerful internal guidance system you possess – YOUR INTUITION.


  We all have it, but many don’t get it or know how or use it without crossing over into the land of crystals, singing bowls and namaste-ing people. 

I want to change that.

Intuition isn’t just for the “gifted”, white witches or those randomly struck by lightening.

It’s not mystical or hard to harness.


What you get in the call:


√   A REAL LIFE breakdown of this superpower that you can access easily

√  Clarity on what intuition is and is not (zero crystal balls required);

√   A practical approach and fun perspective to access YOUR  intuition and how it works with you;

√   Simple and powerful strategies to strengthen this built-in superpower (without feeling like a lunatic); and

√   Confidence to see it, use it and experience the positive impact it can have in your Life!

This call is IDEAL for:


♦   Men and Women looking for more clarity, connection and courage to turn the dial up on their intuition without feeling “weird”, chanting, meditation or mantras;

♦  Entrepreneurs, Coaches, health practitioners with a desire to unleash more intuition in their business to create deeper connection to self and their clients;

♦  Anyone seeking LESS doubt, indecision, mental and emotional clutter, anxiety and worry; and

♦  Those ready to open up to the limitless possibilities and opportunities that await!

*Note this call is NOT about getting tips / strategies to develop your psychic abilities. 

4The value, for me, has come from, first and foremost, Keri-Anne, who is a personal testament to living daringly. She brings to the table a sharp sense of intuition and a fierce love for her clients. She creates and holds space  that allows you to safely explore and excavate that which may be holding you back or keeping you stuck. She welcomes and encourages you to know yourself on a deeper level by asking the questions and offering her wisdom.

Michelle MacIntosh, Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach

Keri-Anne’s an amazing coach and witness. She articulates things that are hard to describe and holds space for people to explore the parts of them self they’ve ignored or forgotten. She’s intuitive, affirming and I would highly recommend her process to anyone who is looking to dig deep and get to the core of what is holding them back.

Awesome Client

What would be different if you could…

♦   Strip away the emotional clutter, be present and enjoy the process of life with less attachment to the outcome

♦  Trust in Life, yourself, your body and your unique path?

♦ Experience more freedom, alignment and integrity while making decisions with ease and confidence?

♦  Deep, powerful and off-the-charts connection with those you interact with?

♦  Navigate life from your Soul trusting all is well (even amongst chaos)?

Will there be a recording of the event?

My intention is YES and crossing my fingers with technology to make this happen so sign up if you cannot make the call time as there will be LOTS in this call for you regardless! x KA

Meet Your Daring Guide and Empathetic Badass

IMG_0333 Keri-Anne Livingstone is a Certified Coach, Comedic Speaker and Creator of Daring to Suck, an 8-step guide to Bless the Mess and Trust the Process of Life, Death and all the WTF moments in between.

With humour, love and a deep respect for the process of transformation, Keri-Anne teaches freedom seeking souls how to show up as the fullest, truest expression of themselves; and to let go of the outcome in order to learn, experience and grow from everything life has to offer.

After almost a decade of “dark years of the soul” that shook her internal and external world upside down and blew it to smithereens, Keri-Anne discovered her true self, reinvented her life from the inside-out and blew up every obstacle that got in her way by pursuing one unconventional concept – Daring to Suck.

Armed with “permission to TRY” (even if she sucked at it) Keri-Anne dared to tune in to her hearts desires, speak from this place and feel her way through new and unfamiliar experiences, taking her life from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

Her talks, coaching programs and writing serves to inspire deep engagement, reconnection, healing, self acceptance and liberation for souls seeking freedom and full expression in their life, relationships and work.