Welcome to Coaching with me and thank you for reaching out to see what might be possible for you through the intuitive coaching I offer.

First, a bit about me  

What I know for sure is that my purpose in life and work is to show up as a loving powerhouse that celebrates transformation in myself and others – that means the good, bad, and the absolute ugly. To honour ALL that comes as we grow and change.

I’m a certified life and business coach and specialize in emotional empowerment & intuitive integration helping Empaths (Deep feelers, helpers and healers) embody their truth unapologetically and to feel safe, confident and convicted as they create the catalytic impact they came here to make through all aspects of their life.

I’m here to help you be the fullest, truest expression of your truest YOU in your life, relationships, and business with sovereignty, safety, and support.


From my experience and learning, I offer intuitive input AND tangible practical tips, tricks, and strategies to get YOU walking YOUR path with clarity, sovereignty, ease, and excitement.


As an empath, I feel deeply and understands the language of energy and emotion, and hold my senses as the superpower they are, and encourage this awareness in others. I believe it’s time to reclaim our place and power in the world as deep feelers and intuitive problem solvers. I seek to flip the story of being victimized and taken advantage of, to hold firm boundaries, honor Self and others in the process, and celebrating who we are in (and what arises) in ALL  of it.


I also hold a degree in entrepreneurial management and marketing communications with over a decade of hands-on experience to help heart-lead leaders share their revolutionary content with the world.


Bottom line? You get to be successful, shine your inherent abilities and wisdom while promoting yourself with confidence as an authentic, magnetic, and much-needed helper in the world.



If that sounds good, keep reading 🙂


How do I work and what do I offer?

From personal to professional, I come with a full spectrum of personal learning (as an empowered empath)  combined with certified coaching accreditation and a lifetime of spiritual development, intuitive integration techniques, and a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial management with over 15 years of professional marketing communications experience in the corporate sector.

I’m here to help you fully understand the truth you are to yourself first, then how to express it as medicine through your life, relationships, and work. Be prepared for fiercely loving space to tune into, express, and learn from your own exploration and expression of what you see and sense with me there to help you be IN it fully with support and guidance that’s connected to you and your life path.

This is a transition from the head being in charge to the heart leading from a deeper truth with logic and structure following just steps behind in support of the whole process. 

The intention and scope of our time together is to give you an opportunity to:

  • Reveal and heal conflicting emotional baggage, beliefs, and bullshit you’ve been carrying for way too long in sacred and safe space;
  • Release you (compassionately) from limiting patterns, roles, and people that no longer serve to support your highest good and growth;
  • Reconnect you to the voice of your intuitive guidance system (your heart and soul) to feel aligned and confident in your decisions and direction as we navigate the “new”;
  • Reclaim and ‘welcome home’ parts of you eager to serve and be received by “the wholeness” of you, and finally

  • Reinvent your life, relationships, and work feeling clear, safe, free, fully expressed, and empowered to access and play with the limitless resources and intuitive insights you possess to lead and light the way forward.


  • Your Value & Worth – claim who, what and why you are (and clarifying what you AREN’T);
  • New Intentions & Knowing Your Impact without working harder or needing approval from anyone but you;
  • Understand Your Unique Passions & Purpose – permission to see & know YOU in your bones.


  • Unsubscribing From The Old roles, rules, responsibilities, expectations, beliefs and patterns;
  • Healthy Boundaries – clarifying & cleaning up the agreements to serve and support;
  • Daring to Tune In To YOUR WAY (translating the manual for your internal GPS System);
  • Speaking Up From Your Soul – Using your Voice & Choice to transform and heal.



  • Daring To Feel – healing & liberating relationship coaching for you and ALL your feelings;
  • Radical Receiving – how to trust yourself & others to open up to what Life wants to give;
  • Daring to Shift Perspective – how to move into the new without forsaking the old.



  • Taking Conscious Action With Courage & Conviction – your personalized blueprint and action plan for sustainable and long term change;
  • The Practice of Self Love, Acknowledgment & Appreciation (now that you are so much better at receiving lol).

How does the Intuitive work blend in?

During our calls, I tune into not just what you are saying but the energetic world behind the words you speak. I become aware of “parts of you” (aspects of self) wanting to step forward to be heard, healed, and integrated into the whole.

I’m often shown images, metaphors, receive specific thoughts or ideas, and even hear songs.

My role is to blurt what I see, feel and sense without attachment (meaning I’m not married to it so if it doesn’t fit, we ditch it) and your job is to tune into whatever arises in the space,  “try it on” and see if or how it fits.

This is where our intuition intersects and our combined internal guidance offers us more as we ping our individual “hits” back and forth to unpack and reveal the message offered up. To say it’s fun is an understatement!

I don’t know where “it” (this intuitive support) comes from, but I know when I offer it up there is always something delightful or helpful that deepens your learning with levity and magic as you experience your own intuition in the process.

*Witnessing you be WOW’d by your own abilities to “pick up” information from and through YOU is my favourite part that always makes me wanna shout ” Welcome Home!”*

What do you Receive and Experience?

Through this coaching process, you have the opportunity to:

  • GET REAL with all aspects of the beautiful moving parts of your life – the good, bad and fugly;
  • REVIEW where you’ve been, where you are, and discover where you want to go;
  • GET CLEAR on what’s most important to you (values, passions) and the opportunities you sense are afoot;
  • RECONNECT YOU TO YOU so that from there, you can create relationships that serve and support you as you go;
  • CLAIM YOUR VOICE, give you back the megaphone so you can start expressing yourself and calling the shots with confidence;
  • CREATE FULL ACCESS to your internal “navigation system” to start making courageous and explanation-free decisions;
  • DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION with to get you moving and making the changes you want with supportive accountability; and
  • INVITE grace, ease, and ownership back into your life with much more fun than you expect!

Your Customized (Bi-Monthly) Mentorship Package includes:

  • 12 x 1 hr intuitive coaching sessions (sessions typically every two weeks but can customize to your needs) to dive deep and explore the next layer to be nurtured, liberated, and integrated;
  • Access to my online course material and training – including my signature V.I.P.P (Values, Impact, Passion & Purpose) and Daring to Suck Signature Course (12 lessons in total valued at $997 USD) to use as a resource guide and support as desired;
  • Recordings of our sessions (available for download for 14 days after the session).
  • Private access to me via email, text, messenger or Voxer (voice app) to communicate as needed in-between sessions to check-in, share wins and milestones, report back on assignments or to VENT and get a possible perspective check; and
  • A customized source of resources (books, events, videos, podcasts+) targeting specific topics to keep you inspired and moving forward. These will come up intuitively as we work together.

The total investment is $5497.00 USD if paid in full or if you wish to spread the payments out $997.00 USD per month (x6). Payment links will follow your signing/confirmation of agreement.

Sessions are held over the phone or online (Skype / Zoom) whichever works best for you. If we meet in person you will need to bring a recording device (iPhone works well).

What to Expect

If you choose to work with me, as your coach, my promise is to hold you naturally creative, highly resourceful, and whole – meaning, this isn’t about fixing anything or me telling you what to do. You have all the answers inside you and it’s MY job to facilitate the process to connect you to what’s already inside of you (your internal resources) to be more successful, focused, and strong. I bring tools, visualizations, powerful questions, and accountability (aka holding your feet to the fire) while feeling the heat alongside you! Basically, I’m all in.

As you may have realized, coaching with me isn’t about being comfortable or cozy. You can get that talking to your friends or family. Working with me is about me holding a strong, supportive space for YOU where we explore and discover where you are and get you to where you want to go(even if you don’t know where that is right now). A lot of this work is about being WITH our challenges and having the courage to move through it – eyes and heart wide open.

This involves truth-telling from each of us, getting real with circumstances and feelings ignored for years, and being willing to welcome in new perspectives. We will discover this together – side by side. I bring the big questions and we see what comes out of your mouth! I hold the space for you, fully knowing you can do this and will be cheering you on along the way.

As the key driver in this process, I want and expect you to:

  • Be committed to creating an extraordinary life
  • Take responsibility for the results of your coaching process – if you don’t do different, you won’t get different – and please, play all your cards (no holding back)
  • Come to each session with something you want to explore and work on
  • Grab the reins and take meaningful steps between sessions – be willing!
  • Know that the questions I ask are to have you hear your own answers – don’t tell me what you think I want to hear. Speak whatever is true for you.
  • See every interaction in your life as an opportunity to integrate and synthesize the coaching principles with your own thinking, speaking, and actions
  • Bring a recap or check-in on the learning you are experiencing to the beginning of each call (follow up on homework or deliverables) before diving into the next topic you want to cover or explore.
  • Be truthful with yourself, me and lean into the discomfort for the sake of progress – you can do this, and finally
  • Dare to SUCK! Take risks, blurt, be wrong, be right and let go!
  • Expect some FUN and LAUGHTER too ☺ we cannot do this work without it.

As your coach, you can expect ME to:

  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding everything discussed
  • Be deeply invested and care about you, your vision and goals – providing a structure that supports you in making conscious choices. This is a judgment-free zone.
  • Ask you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Provide support between sessions in the form of brief phone calls, emails or texts to help with any challenges, wins or homework you want to share to keep things alive and kicking for you.
  • Ask about any assignments to deepen your experience and see what you are learning
  • Suggest books, articles, blogs that may help support, inspire and keep you moving
  • Be an objective listener and active participant that takes charge’ when needed
  • Tell the truth about what I see and hear to give you honest feedback with the intention to help, and I too will…
  • Dare to SUCK, take risks, blurt, be wrong, be right and let go for your progress ☺
  • A few eff-bombs. I swear and say the strangest stuff sometimes. You can definitely expect this.

To prepare for each coaching call bring something to write with and on as you may want to make notes on certain points (values, purpose, action items, a-ha moments) throughout the session.

The call will be recorded so this isn’t crucial but it might be helpful.

Punctuality: When it comes to arriving for sessions, you will call me (so I know you are ready to go) or arrive at my office and I will be ready. Being late = shorter session.

Changes: Please give 24 hours notice if you have to cancel or reschedule otherwise you will be charged for the missed session. If you have an emergency, I will definitely work around this. If I cannot make a scheduled time, I will give you at least 24 hours notice also. If cancellations become repetitive, I will reach out and check-in to see if we need to redesign anything.

Problems: I want you to LOVE our coaching relationship. I expect you to speak up if ANYTHING isn’t sitting right with you, for the sake of your progress. “Re-designs” to our alliance are encouraged and welcomed so please don’t hold back. Tell me right away. I will do the same for you. 

A Must: The willingness to implement the coaching for it to be a success. You hired a coach to help you see and do things differently. If you choose to not use the coaching and keep doing what you have always have done, you will get the same results you’ve had to date.

Important: You get what you give. Your results and success in this process are up to you and what you are willing to lean into, act on, and “be with”. My role as a mirror, support, and guide is to notice, witness, and reflect insights back to you. I ask powerful questions, make suggestions, offer challenges, and make requests for you to say yes / no / counteroffer to. You ALWAYS decide what is going to get you moving forward from where you are towards where you want to be.

Note: I am not a therapist who attempts to solve or “fix” problems and do not diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. I don’t even give specific advice. I offer suggestions, provide perspectives, and invite ideas for YOU to choose what feels right and best for you. Your results are directly related to your level of willingness and consistency.

If we feel there is a need for professional resources (therapy/medication/ treatments) that are outside of the coaching scope, we will discuss the option of seeking support through additional practitioners depending on what shows up as we go.

Always remember, I am here to fan the flames of your brilliance and ALWAYS on your side. So if you’re game…

Next steps:

  1. Read through the above and official contract (below) – contact me with any questions or concerns;
  2. “Sign” the agreement below and I’ll send you the link to pay in full or via payments;
  3. Once payment is received I’ll send you the questionnaire to complete and return to me at least 48 hours before our next session.
  4. Book your first session and we are ready to go!

With Fierce Love,