Just you, me and Daring to Suck

Six Months of Deep Mentorship To Change The Game.

What’s possible for you here? 

After a decade of doing this work, I help deep feelers, helpers and healers like you…

Live your life unapologetically with full permission to show up as your most authentic Self (without everything falling apart in the process).

Love and embrace ALL parts of you, creating space for them to coexist in deep understanding, peace and support of each another (despite their contradictions).

Lead a business that aligns with your Soul, without sacrifice or the need for others to follow (but learn quickly the less #$%@s you give, the more they actually do).


less masking, hesitation, doubt, anxiety and baggage holding you back; and

more clarity, connection, courage and confidence to DO what only you are meant to do and BE who only you are meant to BE in all aspects of your life.

Bottom Line…

I’m here to help you explore, express and embody what your Soul came here to experience and accomplish.

This often includes (but is not limited to): breaking cycles of abuse and toxic behaviour, creating respectful relationships with yourself and others that support and sustain where your worth is no longer up for debate and the wisdom you’ve gathered finally gets shared.

If you’re ready to actually experience any or all of the above…

Over Six Months You Will…

  • Reveal and heal conflicting emotional baggage, beliefs, and bullshit you’ve been carrying for way too long in sacred and safe space;

  • Release you (compassionately) from limiting patterns, roles, and people that no longer serve to support your highest good and growth;

  • Reconnect you to the voice of your intuitive guidance system (your heart and soul) to feel aligned and confident in your decisions and direction as we navigate the “new”;

  • Reclaim and ‘welcome home’ parts of you eager to serve and be received by “the wholeness” of you, and finally

  • Reinvent your life, redesign relationships, and how you work feeling energized, fully expressed, and empowered to lead the way from solid ground.

This Work is Fierce, Compassionate, and does NOT fuck around. 

And neither do I.

A 12-step, integrative process to live, love and lead from a solid understanding of your whole Self, pragmatic guidance to create freedom and flow as you navigate the brutiful parts of your life, with more permission (and peace) to be fully Human as you go.

It’s about… 

Daring to be YOU... Unaplogetically!

  • Your Value & Worth – claim who, what and why you are (and clarifying what you AREN’T);
  • New Intentions & Knowing Your Impact without working harder or needing approval from anyone but you;
  • Understand Your Unique Passions & Purpose – permission to see & know YOU in your bones.

Clearing Your Path

  • Unsubscribing From The Old roles, rules, responsibilities, expectations, beliefs and patterns;
  • Healthy Boundaries – clarifying & cleaning up the agreements to serve and support;
  • Daring to Tune In To YOUR WAY (translating the manual for your internal GPS System);
  • Speaking Up From Your Soul – Using your Voice & Choice to transform and heal.

Designing a New Way... Yours!

  • Daring To Feel – healing & liberating relationship coaching for you and ALL your feelings;
  • Radical Receiving – how to trust yourself & others to open up to what Life wants to give;
  • Daring to Shift Perspective – how to move into the new without forsaking the old.

Walking Your Path, Your Way!

  • Taking Conscious Action With Courage & Conviction – your personalized blueprint and action plan for sustainable and long term change;
  • The Practice of Self Love, Acknowledgment & Appreciation (now that you are so much better at receiving lol).

What You Get.

 Your Deep Mentorship Package includes:

  • 24 x 50 min zoom sessions every WEEK for SIX Months with a focus to clear, connect and create from a deeper awareness and wisdom;
  • Support between sessions via text or voice to keep you accountable;
  • Recordings of our sessions; and
  • Bonus* Six month membership to an active community of helpers and healers walking a similar road to help you focus on what matters most, deepen the learning and forward the action with 24/7 access to my library of online trainings, workshops and LIVE weekly guidance.


The total investment is $6000 CAD

with customized payment plans without penalty available upon request. 

Book a free 50 Minute Discovery Call with Keri-Anne to experience the clarity this work delivers, with tangible awareness of what’s possible over six months.