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Trust Your Vibes & Coming Out of The Spiritual “Woo-Woo” Closet (Day3) #25DaysOfPresence

Today is the day I make this public. I am so freaking WOO-WOO (aka Spiritual) and I don’t care who knows.  Mock me if you will, but the truth is, I meet so many people and when the conversation broaches on the “spiritual” or “woo-woo” (which it almost ALWAYS does) they almost whisper how this weird thing happened or a ca-razy coincidence blew them away and go on to figure out what the Universe is trying to tell them. I love it and am right up in that stuff. But why are we so afraid of speaking more freely about it?  None of us want to come across as flaky or “out there” and yet so many of us are having these conversations – and woo-woo is becoming more mainstream than ever if you ask me. You can’t log onto Facebook without some inspirational or Universal wisdom quote popping up on your newsfeed and we are all “liking” it. This misconception that woo-woo is flaky is such BS, so I’m coming out the tell all the whisperers out there to et your freak flag, fly! Embrace the woo-woo! I haven’t always been as spiritual as I am today though. It started to become more prominent in 2008 when life told me it was time for a change (whether I liked it or not). When you experience so much loss and rapid change you learn to trust things you can’t explain and find your faith in the unseen – because sometimes, it’s all you’ve got. When I first decided to become a coach I remember joking to my colleagues, “If you ever catch me wearing a colourful scarve and saying Namaste to a coffee barista you have permission to shoot me.” LOL Don’t get me wrong. I have amazing friends who are yogini’s, coaches and other healers that pull this off beautifully because it is authentic to who they are and they mean it. I was worried that when I became a coach people would think I was going to be all spiritual (eyes glaze over here) and that my profession wouldn’t be taken “seriously”. Man, I really judged it. But underneath it all was my desire to bring more of ME into it and not get lost in the woo-woo-ness that coaching had become in my eyes. I still say to this day, the only way I will say Namaste is if I put “Muthafuckah!” after it. Which I do from time to time 🙂 So I am bringing my own style to it. To be clear, I haven’t joined a drum circle, become an angel card reader, gone on a vision quest or channelled my guides or loved ones… yet. But who knows? Maybe that will happen. Who am I to limit myself? I say, ba-ring it woo-woo. What is happening is that I am trusting my vibes and experiences on a whole new level and feel compelled to share what this journey (blechh) has shown me. Today was the day to start really talking about this because it was EVERYWHERE. Private messages with poems out of the blue that were JUST what I needed to hear in that moment Just the right words show up during a crucial reconciliation with a dear friend White feathers showing up at my feet that I requested the night before  – right on cue; and Poignant messages delivered through random strangers that reaffirmed for me to keep going in the most supportive and congratulatory way. I felt like I was surrounded by real-life angels all day. It...

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