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Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Women are amazing. Period. But just because we are capable of handling A LOT – doesn’t mean we should stay at this setting continuously pumping awesome through our veins 24 hours a day.   It’s almost like once we see what we are capable of our mind says “why would we ever operate on a lower setting moving forward now that we KNOW what we can do?” It’s out of sheer appreciation and awe of our own power. I get it. Why would we ever slow down or go back to being “less than” awesome? Here is where I feel we can misunderstand our own superpower –  which is to embody the feminine. Which is powerful in itself and highly misunderstood. To me, this part understands and surrenders to the ebb and flow of life. Where we demonstrate our innate knowing to move with life and not against it. Where we rise up to honour the great rushes of energy and also intuitively tune in to when we need to rest and reflect in stillness as needed. Somewhere along the line we put the value in results, outcomes, achievements and the “I can do it all-ness” mentality we know is possible. And shit get’s out of whack. Have you been growing potatoes? A few years ago when my husband and I began gardening in a community plot, we were frustrated because nothing we planted did very well. It just withered or didn’t show up at all. We did everything we could but nothing seemed to come up above the ground. When we mentioned our frustrations with my sister in law (a horticultural wizard) she asked if the previous owners grew potatoes – which they had. She said that for us to see any growth, the soil needed replenishing, extreme nurturing and supplementation to bring it back to a healthy PH. Apparently potatoes suck the life out of soil making it practically useless with nothing left to give. I now this metaphor returns as I emerge from growing a bumper crop of potatoes.  After the incredible output of energy and excitement I experienced in the first week of the year (launching my 8 Days of Daring  Experiment and selling out my Live Daringly Sessions), I was blown away to see what I was capable of learning and putting into practice in my business. On last day I had a stack of clarity calls set up and was promptly hit by the mother of all colds that I’m still trying to shake off weeks later. This was a result of running on HIGH for three weeks straight, getting very low quality, being on my phone too much and generally buzzing from the learning and newness it all presented. It was exhilarating and exciting in the moment but now I feel aches and pains I can’t explain and feel the urge to do very little. I’ve pulled back my energy, cancelled plans and allowed myself to listen to where my energy wants to take me (which is back to bed). I started turning my phone off at night and consciously choosing […]

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8 Steps To Make 2016 The Year YOU Live Daringly (VIDEO)

What if 2016 was the year it all changed? Below is the REPLAY of a live call I did on Blab today where I share the 8 steps of Daring to Suck that can take you from feeling like a passenger in your life, to getting you behind the wheel and cranking the tunes with the top down! These 8 steps shared are the backbone of My Live Daringly Sessions (starting January 13th) where I facilitate and support 8 Women (in two groups of 4)  through the process of reconnecting to who they are, what they want and how to go after it, fearlessly. The below replay is filled tips, strategies and perspectives to become the fullest, truest expression of yourself – for us all to share our unique gifts in our life, our work and in our relationships.  

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Day 21: Daring to GO DEEP #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

(VIDEO BELOW) Well, it’s safe to say, that today… Day 21 of the ‪#‎100DaySelfConnection‬  SHIT GETS DEEP! LOL! I knew doing this was a good thing but the depth of the learning just got turbo charged. I’m learning as I bring this practice into my life, I am actually allowing myself to be fully accepted, received and experienced – BY ME – No matter how I show up or what arises. Imagine not making you feel wrong, unworthy or undesirable… ever again. Ya, THAT’S what’s here in Day 21.  Do you realize how important this is for all of us to experience? Because as I’ve mentioned before, the ripple effect is REAL people and when we put out a wave that is rooted in a practice of self love, appreciation and consideration – imagine how THAT impacts our external world. DEEP. Seriously, at this rate I won’t be surprised to discover I can in fact levitate by day 100. And I say, Bring IT! Wishing you beautiful connections inside and out. Thank you for following and watching – see you next week! x Keri-Anne  

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Day 14: Daring to Stick with It #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

Last week I hit day 14 of the #100DaySelfConnection Experiment inspired by Kyle Cease. A few things I cover in this short update are as follows: What it’s like to surrender into the “unknown” A little bit about the unexpected “place” I found What’s available to us ALL when we make time for this practice How to find answers to life’s challenges in the stillness Click here to play video   Thanks for following along and if you are doing this experiment too, please comment below and tell me what YOU are noticing! Happy Connections, x Keri-Anne

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Day 7: Daring to Be With It ALL. #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

100 days of Self Connection. One hour of stillness a day. I’ve made it to day seven. Today I went on Periscope to share what I’ve experienced and here is the replay. Highlights include Sharing HOW I manage with two little people to take care of WHAT do I actually do “it” ; and, What I’ve experienced inside AND outside of myself as a result of this experience (with one very surprising item off my “to-do” list complete without procrastination which is a MIRACLE). And lots of good discussion about why I think this experiment has the power to change the world (ya, that’s all).   Enjoy and feel free to hop in on the conversation over on the Facebook page x Keri-Anne

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Daring to Self Connect #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

Today I went LIVE to talk about the power of Self Connection. For some context, the FIRST step in Daring to Suck in our life/work/business is when we Dare to TUNE IN. When we slow the hell down and intentionally listen to what our heart, soul, spirit and life is telling us. In a world that is hardwired to DO, Get Results and be BUSY, this concept is downright uncomfortable to consider and a shocking jolt to the system. Three years ago it took me hiring my own coach to help facilitate this tender process out of fear of what I would find. I hopped on Periscope for the first time today to talk about an experiment in self connection where I am sitting in stillness, silence and meditation for 100 days to reconnect to myself in a deeper, more meaningful way. I’ve never really been a meditator so to sit for ONE HOUR is completely foreign and something I’ve never done. Until now. I am currently on DAY 3 and what I’m learning and experiencing is fascinating. If this is something you may want to try, here is the replay that explains me, my work and why this experiment of self connection is crucial in the journey of transformation. This is me on Day 3: Why am I doing this?  I’ve been watching Kyle Cease introduce this experiment, and he is sitting for 2 HOURS everyday for 100 days (he is roughly 19 days in) and could not help but be hooked and intrigued by what he is experiencing. And one thing I tell my own clients is that whenever you feel compelled, intrigued, drawn into or interested in something… follow it! So that’s what I’m doing. Here is how you can follow along… First, Sign up on Periscope and follow me @DaringtoSuck (attached to my Twitter account) to be alerted on future scopes on what I’m learning and discovering. Second, I will be sharing replays of my experience in my Facebook Group, Empathetic Badasses (click here to join!) not necessarily DAILY but frequently as I feel inspired. Who knows WHAT I will encounter over the next 3+ months but if you are at all “hooked” join and share what YOU are learning in the Facebook Group as you will be met with loving badassery at all angles. To living fully expressed, connected and daringly open-hearted! Keri-Anne x

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