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Day 14: Daring to Stick with It #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

Last week I hit day 14 of the #100DaySelfConnection Experiment inspired by Kyle Cease. A few things I cover in this short update are as follows: What it’s like to surrender into the “unknown” A little bit about the unexpected “place” I found What’s available to us ALL when we make time for this practice How to find answers to life’s challenges in the stillness Click here to play video   Thanks for following along and if you are doing this experiment too, please comment below and tell me what YOU are noticing! Happy Connections, x Keri-Anne

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Day 7: Daring to Be With It ALL. #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

100 days of Self Connection. One hour of stillness a day. I’ve made it to day seven. Today I went on Periscope to share what I’ve experienced and here is the replay. Highlights include Sharing HOW I manage with two little people to take care of WHAT do I actually do “it” ; and, What I’ve experienced inside AND outside of myself as a result of this experience (with one very surprising item off my “to-do” list complete without procrastination which is a MIRACLE). And lots of good discussion about why I think this experiment has the power to change the world (ya, that’s all).   Enjoy and feel free to hop in on the conversation over on the Facebook page x Keri-Anne

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Daring to Self Connect #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

Today I went LIVE to talk about the power of Self Connection. For some context, the FIRST step in Daring to Suck in our life/work/business is when we Dare to TUNE IN. When we slow the hell down and intentionally listen to what our heart, soul, spirit and life is telling us. In a world that is hardwired to DO, Get Results and be BUSY, this concept is downright uncomfortable to consider and a shocking jolt to the system. Three years ago it took me hiring my own coach to help facilitate this tender process out of fear of what I would find. I hopped on Periscope for the first time today to talk about an experiment in self connection where I am sitting in stillness, silence and meditation for 100 days to reconnect to myself in a deeper, more meaningful way. I’ve never really been a meditator so to sit for ONE HOUR is completely foreign and something I’ve never done. Until now. I am currently on DAY 3 and what I’m learning and experiencing is fascinating. If this is something you may want to try, here is the replay that explains me, my work and why this experiment of self connection is crucial in the journey of transformation. This is me on Day 3: Why am I doing this?  I’ve been watching Kyle Cease introduce this experiment, and he is sitting for 2 HOURS everyday for 100 days (he is roughly 19 days in) and could not help but be hooked and intrigued by what he is experiencing. And one thing I tell my own clients is that whenever you feel compelled, intrigued, drawn into or interested in something… follow it! So that’s what I’m doing. Here is how you can follow along… First, Sign up on Periscope and follow me @DaringtoSuck (attached to my Twitter account) to be alerted on future scopes on what I’m learning and discovering. Second, I will be sharing replays of my experience in my Facebook Group, Empathetic Badasses (click here to join!) not necessarily DAILY but frequently as I feel inspired. Who knows WHAT I will encounter over the next 3+ months but if you are at all “hooked” join and share what YOU are learning in the Facebook Group as you will be met with loving badassery at all angles. To living fully expressed, connected and daringly open-hearted! Keri-Anne x

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If you were unable to join us LIVE today, here is the replay with *HOT OFFERS BELOW* When was the last time you did something for the first time? Mine was today, when I went LIVE on Blab (a live broadcasting platform you MUST check out!) with Megan Hale from “The Enoughness Revolution” to start a very much needed conversation in the world around what it means to allow ourselves our own feelings. And it was pretty amazing. To say we were blown away by our experience today would be an understatement.  Thank you so much for sharing that space with us and adding your voices, your stories, and your experiences to the conversation.  We look forward to hosting more of these conversations in the future!  And if you missed it, the recording is above. We both mentioned special offers to help you gain some momentum in your life around allowing yourself to be more fully expressed in the world – and here they are: I’m offering a private *Deep Dive Session* plus 1 week of support for just $97.00  (10 spots available only – regular price is $197.00)This call is designed for you to EXPLORE your inner world with curiosity (not judgement), EXPRESS yourself fully (and safely) and EXPAND your Brilliance into your life and the world.Imagine that inner critic (or insert any undesirable feeling here) you so quickly want to push aside and avoid turned out to be your greatest gift and closest ally?What if these unexplored and unpolished gems turned out to be the most beautiful, misunderstood, neglected and innocent parts of YOU that are patiently waiting for your loving time and attention? I’m here to help you learn HOW to be with them to finally receive their gifts of wisdom and insight to help you moving forward.  So, if you are ready to create a new, more loving and compassionate connection with yourself and your unexpressed emotions, let’s jump in.This offering is perfect if you are swirling around with inner clutter, emotional conflict, confusion or even a sense of disconnection in your life that is keeping you stuck. How do we do this?You bring a willingness and desire to explore your conflict.   I bring my skills, experience and fierce love to create sacred space for you to clear, unite and heal your conflicting parts – for you to find peace from the broken pieces.What you get* A pre-call questionnaire to prep you for our call to raise your awareness and make the most of our time together.* 1 x 60 minute DEEP DIVE session* One week of accountability, feedback and supportive resources as you take the awareness from our call into your life to apply and practice.Limited time offer* of $97.00 USD for the first 10 sessions taken (regularly priced at $197.00 USD). If you have any questions or would like to learn more, email me at info@keriannelivingstone.com and I will respond within 24 hours. To claim one of these hot little numbers available to 10 people, click below:   Megan’s offering a 25% discount on the Claim Your Enoughness […]

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What To Do When Daring to Suck… really F*cking SUCKS.

First, let me explain my absence in writing and say #sorryNOTsorry for the length of this post (but much like this process)… it’s a doozy and totally worth it! In June, I returned from my own Daring to Suck adventure from an exclusive (aka highly priced) make-me-or-break-me writing retreat I attended … and since then, I’ve been in hiding. Or should I say… in healing. Me not sharing publicly about what happened caused a level of inner conflict and paralysis I haven’t felt since I first got pushed off the ledge of my “practical” life 7 years ago. I told myself I conveniently needed time to “process” it all but days turned into weeks and now MONTHS. I’m finally calling bullshit and speaking my truth. Why has it taken me so long? I guess like many of us, I believed my “truth” would hurt or harm people I truly care about. It wasn’t their intention for me to experience what I did so I thought it was good enough to express privately with my inner circle. But how am I serving the world if I leave the SUCK out from Daring to Suck? My mojo is rooted in shining light through the dark and not running away from it – so here is what happened. I went into the retreat wanting to be ALL IN and in true Daring To Suck style, I put my heart, soul and money on the table in the hopes it (“I”) would be received, seen, and celebrated towards my goal.  A part of me wanted to be lifted up like Simba from the Lion King for all to behold! And I don’t hold this against me or think it’s wrong to want to be embraced. I think we all deserve to experience this level of acknowledgement for the incredible and unique beings we are. Let’s just say, the first part totally happened. I was bold, emotional, passionate and enthusiastic about my hearts cause. I spoke about starting a Daring to Suck Revolution of Empathetic Badasses – encouraging open hearts to move forward with a greater understanding of their emotions, empowered with the wisdom our hearts bring to lead the change the world needs. How to live openly and daringly, without armour. To trust the strength and leadership in vulnerable authenticity. To be bold and BE who they are, DO what they were born to do and FEEL their way through life with the intellect playing a much needed support role. I shared the most intimate and emotional writing I’ve ever written and laid it all out on the line. It came out BIG and EMOTIONAL. As it should have (I’m channeling some serious shit) and it felt so good to share it without holding back anymore. Ooohhh I went for it. Bigtime. So… was I held up and Simba’d? No. At least it didn’t feel (or look) like it. What immediately followed my emotional unload was a logical discussion to make sense of what I shared. With tears still wet on my cheeks, my heart became a project to be figured […]

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How Your Emotions Are Like A Pissed Off Possum. No, Really. (VIDEO)

As many of you know, I filled up OVERNIGHT after I offered 12 x FREE “Deep Dive”  calls on my Facebook Page to anyone wanting clarity around their “inner clutter”  or conflicting inner voices. I couldn’t be more grateful as my wish is to show more and more people that the perceived “baggage” we carry around (inner critic, judgement, anger, resentment etc) is really just trying to get our attention for us to see a much deeper more supportive message that is here to HELP move us forward – not hold us back. It’s an energy sucker to manage this stuff too. It’s heavy and I want us all to be free to live without it. And then THIS video crosses my path. It ADORABLY articulates every single call I’ve had to date. You’ve just GOT to see it. This is it, in four of the cutest minutes you could possibly experience and it has to be said, the way the woman handles it couldn’t be any better. Here are the similarities I’ve seen that relate to this beautiful video of discovery, connection and freedom. Step 1. Holy shit My emotions are like this really f*cking pissed off possum! Step 2. Together, we create space and room for them to be just as they are… some show up irrational, angry and prickly to “be with”. But we maintain our distance and loving presence and give them room to …well… hiss. LOL. Step 3. We assure them, they get to feel just as they do and that we are not going anywhere. We are right here and are not trying to change their mind or convince them to be any other way. Step 4. By just doing that, we notice… there is a shift. They become less prickly. There is a softness and a way in to connect. They are more approachable, so we get closer to see what’s really going on…and then we see what they are REALLY trying to communicate in behind the sharp teach and scary mask. Step 5. A new awareness and perspective. Bewilderment. Disbelief. Relief. Connection. Freedom. Movement. Joy. Here are some common words that have escaped the mouths of those I’ve worked with so far : “Oh my gosh… I had no idea…” “I never even considered that this was what was behind “it” all this time….but now I get it. Wow.” “I didn’t know… but it makes so much sense. This changes everything.” They are surprised, relieved, and even in AWE of their own abilities to make this much needed connection with themselves. What do they discover? To name just a few, they find… Wisdom that has been there the WHOLE time, just trying to get their attention. Compassion and understanding of what’s behind the scary mask of anger, sadness and other “undesirable emotions” Movement from a previously stuck and frustrating place. Possibilities they didn’t realize were available with a newfound sense of Freedom to live life differently. What I am noticing is how freaking invigorated I am by facilitating this connection. And I CANNOT wait to do more. […]

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