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How to make doubt-proof decisions with clarity and confidence (a.k.a. like a BOSS).

There’s nothing more dangerous than throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (and call it a decision making process). And yet that’s what a lot of us do when we’ve had a few hard falls. How do you make decisions? For me, in the past making decisions meant trying a variety of strategies to gain clarity that included things like the classic “pro/con” list, polling others, trust my gut, go with the flow or take the stance that  “its all good no matter what ~ the Universe has my back” or even flipping a coin. Hell, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, grabbed my faith and leapt into Life expecting it to catch me .. only for it to step aside and have me slam face first onto a sticky dance floor. The Unknown Damage These approaches (albeit some rooted in good intentions) left me with limiting thoughts and unhealthy perspectives that left a residue of doubt on my heart and soul as to whether I could be trusted to make decisions and choices I could rely on.  And these ghosts don’t go away with time. These moments leave negative imprints and impressions that stick with some us for a lifetime (a.k.a how emotional baggage is created) and they collected like doubt-dust bunnies in the corners of our heart – reminders of disappointments and misjudgements that only served to haunt us every time we “try again” and stick our neck out to take a risk or make a decision that might impact the rest of our life. This is where indecision makes us feel weak, induces anxiety and a slurry of hellish feelings. Here are some common examples of the bags we innocently end up holding when we aren’t aware of what the words and thoughts are leaving behind: What am I doing wrong? (doubt, self blame and judgement) I don’t seem to get it / must be missing something (guilt, self abandonment) I must be jinxed (wrong, bad, unlovable) Why do things never work out for me (victimhood) I must not be meant for success (unloved, unworthy) I can’t be trusted (distrust / self betrayal) As humans, our instinct seeks to blame someone or something when our needs or desires aren’t met and we almost always end up pinning the blame all on ourself or others with no more clarity than we began with ~ blame doesn”t offer a solution and the cycle of bullshittery continues!   Breaking the Cycle As I launch into a week of self discovery with my people, I felt inspired to offer you a taste of what can help you begin making solid decisions with more ease and clarity in a way that’ll blow your mind. Whether it’s going to a baby shower or place to go on vacation to accepting a new job or moving house – there will be NO coin tosses involved or spaghetti thrown. How do I start making clear decisions? Take time to understand and know your own unique set of values, what they mean for you and how to use them.  And by values I mean “what do you feel to be most important or […]

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What is your Collateral Beauty of 2016?

Last night I saw the movie Collateral Beauty. It’s message was clear… Stay open to see the beauty in the most damaging and difficult experiences imaginable. Be changed by loving and appreciating them for ALL they brought – the joy and the pain.  And here we are. The last day of the 2016 and at the prompting of my friend and spiritual badass, Jill Prescott, I decided to declare and acknowledge the gifts of my year. Not just what I experienced but HOW I showed up and what I SAW and learned about myself in the process. It’s a powerful list to write and have in my back pocket. It’s empowered me to know it, say it out loud and now, share it. Everything that happens to us is a teacher and a guide. Everything. So don’t waste an opportunity to be changed and grown by your own experiences. To be shown your own brilliance, capacity and impact. Throw it a heroes parade. And don’t fear what you might see or learn because when you get closer… it’s ALL seeded in Love and the Ferocity of spirit it takes to live this life and to be here fully. Don’t just rush to complete the test. Be a witness to what you learned. Soak it all in. So, here is the “dare”… Take 15 minutes and explore not just what happened but how you changed. Document it and honour the love lost, joys gained and understanding acquired at every turn. Honour and accept your year just as it was without shining light on the “best” parts. Because they are all BEST parts if you are willing to see it that way. Because they made you who you are today. We are badasses, each and every one of us if we allow us to be seen by ourselves this way. Give yourself the gift of seeing ALL of you. And to love you for all of it. Below is my list and know that yours will look and feel different because it’s YOURS. So honour you and it for however it shows up, with love and learning as your intention. If you want someone to witness your declaration, share it below in the comments, email me or head over to Empathetic Badass  group if you need a safe space to be witnessed an honoured too. Much love and good luck warrior x Keri-Anne My “love” list <3  Launched and FILLED two group programs at the same time, with ease! Had meaningful and life altering conversations with my parents navigated my Dads sudden death with surrender, receiving and total vulnerability taught my children how to appreciate and even celebrate the death process opened up to things that cannot be explained by our logical mind let my clients, peers and mentors see me unravelled and my most vulnerable learned that this was a gift for them as much as it was for me. allowed myself to be changed by Life and Death – by the Joy and the Pain stayed open to the pain and the beauty that […]

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How To Get Out of Your Way (and Get Your Sh*t Together)

How do I begin from a mess? What are my dreams? What do I want? How do I figure this (sh*t) out and make it happen? Why does it feel so hard?   The answers to the above are in the below “crash course” created to help you get out of your way to start playing with the life that is all around you, BEGGING to be played with. It really is much easier than you think. And this is in part of the problem so many of us face – my approach equals less thinking and more feeling so join me as I blow up some serious BS around what dreaming  is, what it isn’t and what it actually looks like to pursue our own potential. Over two live calls (links below), I share as much wisdom, theory and practical strategies from my tool belt to shift you (or someone you know) from stuck into the realm of possibility – where Daring to Suck actually happens so you can see how accessible change is for you at every turn. Want to make meaningful shifts in your life, relationships or the work you are meant to do in the world? Click and listen. Because what you want, also wants you. And I am here to get you two together finally! Lesson 1 – What dreaming is, what it isn’t and how to get started from where you are.   Lesson 2 – How to make dreaming ACCESSIBLE and doable, powerful strategies and tangible action to bring your dreams to life. If you like and love, please share it with anyone you know who needs a loving reminder that you don’t in fact have to have your shit together to go for what you want. In fact, wherever you are is the perfect place to start. Much love in daring to dream, Keri-Anne Livingstone, CPCC Certified Coach | Speaker | Author-In-Progress

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Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Women are amazing. Period. But just because we are capable of handling A LOT – doesn’t mean we should stay at this setting continuously pumping awesome through our veins 24 hours a day.   It’s almost like once we see what we are capable of our mind says “why would we ever operate on a lower setting moving forward now that we KNOW what we can do?” It’s out of sheer appreciation and awe of our own power. I get it. Why would we ever slow down or go back to being “less than” awesome? Here is where I feel we can misunderstand our own superpower –  which is to embody the feminine. Which is powerful in itself and highly misunderstood. To me, this part understands and surrenders to the ebb and flow of life. Where we demonstrate our innate knowing to move with life and not against it. Where we rise up to honour the great rushes of energy and also intuitively tune in to when we need to rest and reflect in stillness as needed. Somewhere along the line we put the value in results, outcomes, achievements and the “I can do it all-ness” mentality we know is possible. And shit get’s out of whack. Have you been growing potatoes? A few years ago when my husband and I began gardening in a community plot, we were frustrated because nothing we planted did very well. It just withered or didn’t show up at all. We did everything we could but nothing seemed to come up above the ground. When we mentioned our frustrations with my sister in law (a horticultural wizard) she asked if the previous owners grew potatoes – which they had. She said that for us to see any growth, the soil needed replenishing, extreme nurturing and supplementation to bring it back to a healthy PH. Apparently potatoes suck the life out of soil making it practically useless with nothing left to give. I now this metaphor returns as I emerge from growing a bumper crop of potatoes.  After the incredible output of energy and excitement I experienced in the first week of the year (launching my 8 Days of Daring  Experiment and selling out my Live Daringly Sessions), I was blown away to see what I was capable of learning and putting into practice in my business. On last day I had a stack of clarity calls set up and was promptly hit by the mother of all colds that I’m still trying to shake off weeks later. This was a result of running on HIGH for three weeks straight, getting very low quality, being on my phone too much and generally buzzing from the learning and newness it all presented. It was exhilarating and exciting in the moment but now I feel aches and pains I can’t explain and feel the urge to do very little. I’ve pulled back my energy, cancelled plans and allowed myself to listen to where my energy wants to take me (which is back to bed). I started turning my phone off at night and consciously choosing […]

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8 Steps To Make 2016 The Year YOU Live Daringly (VIDEO)

What if 2016 was the year it all changed? Below is the REPLAY of a live call I did on Blab today where I share the 8 steps of Daring to Suck that can take you from feeling like a passenger in your life, to getting you behind the wheel and cranking the tunes with the top down! These 8 steps shared are the backbone of My Live Daringly Sessions (starting January 13th) where I facilitate and support 8 Women (in two groups of 4)  through the process of reconnecting to who they are, what they want and how to go after it, fearlessly. The below replay is filled tips, strategies and perspectives to become the fullest, truest expression of yourself – for us all to share our unique gifts in our life, our work and in our relationships.  

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Day 21: Daring to GO DEEP #100DaySelfConnection Experiment

(VIDEO BELOW) Well, it’s safe to say, that today… Day 21 of the ‪#‎100DaySelfConnection‬  SHIT GETS DEEP! LOL! I knew doing this was a good thing but the depth of the learning just got turbo charged. I’m learning as I bring this practice into my life, I am actually allowing myself to be fully accepted, received and experienced – BY ME – No matter how I show up or what arises. Imagine not making you feel wrong, unworthy or undesirable… ever again. Ya, THAT’S what’s here in Day 21.  Do you realize how important this is for all of us to experience? Because as I’ve mentioned before, the ripple effect is REAL people and when we put out a wave that is rooted in a practice of self love, appreciation and consideration – imagine how THAT impacts our external world. DEEP. Seriously, at this rate I won’t be surprised to discover I can in fact levitate by day 100. And I say, Bring IT! Wishing you beautiful connections inside and out. Thank you for following and watching – see you next week! x Keri-Anne  

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