How to go from unsure … to UNSTOPPABLE! 

(and tell doubt and fear to hit the bricks)

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V.I.P.P (Values, Impact, Passion & Purpose) Master Class Series

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 Identify your unique values & use them as weapons of mass transformation;

 Navigate conflict and emotionally charged areas in your life, relationships and work with ease & clarity;

  Build an unshakeable foundation of knowing & trust to BE , DO and LIVE life on your terms with ZERO apologies or explanation;

  KNOW and OWN your GREATNESS in a way you haven’t up until now; and

 Claim your Passion and Life Purpose (with ZERO permission or validation from anyone to go live it)!


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Live Class Schedule

Values Master Class – Monday, February 13th at 12:30 PST 

Impact Master Class – Wednesday, February 15th at 12:30 PST 

Passion Master Class – Friday, February 17th at 12:30 PST 

Purpose Master Class – Monday Febrary 20th at 12:30 PST

The LIVE calls give you immediate feedback and laser coaching but if that’s not possible, a recording will be sent to those who register.


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