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February 2017


How to make doubt-proof decisions with clarity and confidence (a.k.a. like a BOSS).

How to make doubt-proof decisions with clarity and confidence (a.k.a. like a BOSS).

There’s nothing more dangerous than throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (and call it a decision making process). And yet that’s what a lot of us do when we’ve had a few hard falls. How do you make decisions? For me, in the past making decisions meant trying a variety of strategies to gain clarity that included things like the classic “pro/con” list, polling others, trust my gut, go with the flow or take the stance that  “its all good no matter what ~ the Universe has my back” or even flipping a coin. Hell, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, grabbed my faith and leapt into Life expecting it to catch me .. only for it to step aside and have me slam face first onto a sticky dance floor. The Unknown Damage These approaches (albeit some rooted in good intentions) left me with limiting thoughts and unhealthy perspectives that left a residue of doubt on my heart and soul as to whether I could be trusted to make decisions and choices I could rely on.  And these ghosts don’t go away with time. These moments leave negative imprints and impressions that stick with some us for a lifetime (a.k.a how emotional baggage is created) and they collected like doubt-dust bunnies in the corners of our heart – reminders of disappointments and misjudgements that only served to haunt us every time we “try again” and stick our neck out to take a risk or make a decision that might impact the rest of our life. This is where indecision makes us feel weak, induces anxiety and a slurry of hellish feelings. Here are some common examples of the...

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