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December 2016


What is your Collateral Beauty of 2016?

What is your Collateral Beauty of 2016?

Last night I saw the movie Collateral Beauty. It’s message was clear… Stay open to see the beauty in the most damaging and difficult experiences imaginable. Be changed by loving and appreciating them for ALL they brought – the joy and the pain.  And here we are. The last day of the 2016 and at the prompting of my friend and spiritual badass, Jill Prescott, I decided to declare and acknowledge the gifts of my year. Not just what I experienced but HOW I showed up and what I SAW and learned about myself in the process. It’s a powerful list to write and have in my back pocket. It’s empowered me to know it, say it out loud and now, share it. Everything that happens to us is a teacher and a guide. Everything. So don’t waste an opportunity to be changed and grown by your own experiences. To be shown your own brilliance, capacity and impact. Throw it a heroes parade. And don’t fear what you might see or learn because when you get closer… it’s ALL seeded in Love and the Ferocity of spirit it takes to live this life and to be here fully. Don’t just rush to complete the test. Be a witness to what you learned. Soak it all in. So, here is the “dare”… Take 15 minutes and explore not just what happened but how you changed. Document it and honour the love lost, joys gained and understanding acquired at every turn. Honour and accept your year just as it was without shining light on the “best” parts. Because they are all BEST parts if you are willing to see it...

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