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January 2015


How Speaking Up Has The Power To Transform Our Dreams Into Reality. #LivingTheDream

How Speaking Up Has The Power To Transform Our Dreams Into Reality. #LivingTheDream

  Dreams cannot survive if we keep them hidden in a dark closet or treasure chest in our heart. They need to be set free to take form and live a life of their own. They need to be seen. They need to feel the sun on their face, feel love and breath to stretch and grow as we move forward along side them. When they are shut away for nobody to know about, they dry up and die. For anyone who cringes at the idea of resolutions and dreaming, my next post will help you see you are not alone. I was a ‘practical realist’ most of my life and it served me to a certain degree as I believed on some subconscious level it would keep me more safe and secure. I am now humbled to see things much differently, seeing how much more living is available  when we dare to dream. Scary and unchartered territory – yes. Worth it? Totally. So very worth it. I received three books that are going to help make a dream I declared recently, come true – to write a book that really helps people. My book wants to take people from existing (going through the motions) in life to really LIVING it. It wants it to lift you up, make you laugh and cry – and to inspire action, creativity and self love every step of the way. (Taking a breath…) Whew!Actually putting this out into the world is big fucking deal. And doing so means I’m even more likely to see it happen. I don’t know how or when this will happen and I’m willing to loosen my grip on the...

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