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August 2014


Take The Leap… Or Wait To Be Pushed?

This story is designed to inspire & give courage to anyone who is on the verge, and feeling called, to quit their job in order to pursue something more meaningful. This is part of the Taking the Leap resource, a database full of real-life stories from people who have successfully gone from job dissatisfaction to career emancipation. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I didn’t exactly “leap”. To me, it felt more like a violent shove that had me resisting what was happening most of the way down. I consider it more like waking up in my life to rediscover the core of who I was, and rebuild from there. I read this post recently by Alison Nappi on being pursued by consciousness and I felt such a connection to the process. She writes, I wouldn’t recommend the pursuit of consciousness to anyone. I would not have chosen it for myself. I didn’t. It chose me. If it hasn’t called your number yet, don’t worry. It will, eventually.   In my case, this couldn’t be truer. It reminds me of another gem I heard a few years ago that said the most dangerous place for us to be is unconscious in our own life. This basically speaks to falling asleep at the wheel in your own life (which is what I did in many ways) because in this place, life appears to sideswipe us with unexpected and devastating events that call us forth to transform whether we like it or not. Something Bigger at Play Looking back, I laugh at how it all went down for me. I also cry remembering it too. It was the hardest learning...

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